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Headhunter is LIVE!

Headhunter is Live!

Our Game Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History is LIVE on Kickstarter! We would love for your to check out the campaign page, and learn all about the game!

A big THANK YOU to all of our supporters and those who have helped get the game this far!

-Legends of Ravenhall


Just Backed!

Here's to the success of you and your team, Austin! :)


Thanks Let-off-studios! We really appreciate your help and support. I appreciate your comments and advice leading up to this point as well.


Nice job on the reward items...

It looks much more "professional" now! I too will support, but I will wait a bit until putting my "skin" in the game... I need to think about my pledge, most likely purely "monetary" to help you reach your goal.

My family is not interested in warehousing games for me... I've asked my cousin if she wanted me to bring over some of the games that I have bought ... and she was like: "No you can keep them." And therefore my disappointment in adding more games to the collection. I have a very small apartment... So no shelving with room for all kinds of games.

But I still want you guys to succeed ... So I will definitely contribute.


Do you guys have a "mailing" list?

I was wondering if you guys have been collecting e-mails? I ask because either you guys have not sent an e-mail to those gamers or you guys don't have a list. It's very important to have a LIST of backers ... otherwise it may be painfully difficult to reach your goal.

The other small observation is that "Kickstarter" is mostly about BLING.

What that means is people are looking for games with graphics/illustrations and miniatures are the second "hot" category. You game has nice "box" art but the cards are sparse with little to no illustrations.

And believe me, I GET IT. It's a game like "Apples to Apples". Similar in concept. So the GAME should be FUN to play. And it probably is...

But most of what "Kickstarter" is these days more about Million dollar Miniature games or something Heavy on art/illustrations.

I really do hope you reach your goal of $8,000 USD. It's rather reasonable... Just perhaps you guys are getting a slow start because you haven't cranked out those "e-mails" just yet!

Don't make your updates

Don't make your updates "backers only".

I can give you some more comments about the rewards you're committing to being too much to handle, and your shipping being too low, but those would only be relevant if you re-launch a KS later, since your current rewards are already set in stone..

My guess is that...

Some updates will be for "Backers Only" and others will be made available to the public.

I think the idea is to interest people (more backers) to get their skin in the game, to be able to get ALL the news concerning the game, background and other finer details...

It's actually a SMART idea TBH.

I think at this stage you

I think at this stage you want as many people as possible to see as much of your content as possible, whatever it is.

Kind of why you (quest) are asking leading questions in the comments section.. to create content there.

Anyway, I don't recall seeing backer-only updates before the KS closes before, anywhere.. I'm sure it exists, but it's not common.

Thank you both

Thank you both for your comments! I wasn't aware that there was a controversy one way or the other. I figured that backers would get this "special" privilege, at least for some updates. Any suggestions on the types of updates that people like to see and ones that are considered "annoying?"



Not too often. Twice a week,

Not too often. Twice a week, maybe, trying to come up with a "reason" for the post, like "25% of our goal!" or that sort of thing (if possible).

Try to include information in each update.. "Please help!" by itself is not information. But an update that included a couple of cards not seen elsewhere certainly would be. If there's a real question to ask of people, asking it also counts, though you might not get much response.

I don't think it's controversy, exactly.. just a question of opinion. A backer-only update does not make me think, hmm, maybe I should back this so I too can see what's written there! Personally, it would make me think I wasted my time clicking on "Updates", since there's nothing I can look at.

I sent you a "lousy" example of embedding a photo

Yeah, my card doesn't look super nice either. But it DOES convey the idea that each backer could submit their identity and a photo and you could have a Graphic Designer tweak the illustrations/photos and produce SOMETHING with a bit of variance (each card would be different looking) and "custom" as you guys were looking for.

It's just an example... I'm sure a Graphic Designer could make a greyscaled version of this type of card for the game. Black & White cards (given color converted using a color layer of grey) can be impactful in this manner.

Anyway it gives you an idea about what I had in mind SORTA.

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