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Con of Champions: May 23-25 (Virtual Game Convention)

Tabletop Events - Con of Champions - Virtual Game Convention

Trapped at home and looking for some fun?! Come play or run some games at our virtual convention called Con of Champions on May 23-25.

Sign up to play games. Social distancing will be a lot less boring with all the new friends you’ll meet at Con of Champions.

We’ve already got a bunch of games up on the site, but there's always room for more. Use Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator, Roll 20, Fantasy Grounds, Skype, Zoom, Discord or any other online platform to run your favorite games. Submit games you want to run!

Please visit the convention web site for more details at

Note: This convention is going to be a great time and is a fundraising event for Tabletop Events.


I decided to help out too...

I don't know if any of the PERKS will be available by the time it's my turn to "register" (May 9th - I chose the STAR badge). I looked through the merch and most of it is US Cons which is great for US members... But I'd figure out that maybe a coupon or a free AD&D Module could be cool too.

I'll probably be up early on that SATURDAY!

The point being that I want to see how this EVENT is conducted and do some networking (maybe).

Anyhow ... I don't want TableTop Event to go Bankrupt... And obviously refunding everyone for the events that have to occur MINUS the transaction fees ... is not a good situation (since it brings everything in the RED).

You said $7.00 USD per patron, I donated (or paid) $20 USD to participate... That's one day that I'll be stuck at a computer just to see how this event is going to happen.

Cheers everyone!

This was a GREAT opportunity to schedule a DEMO Session

I submitted an Event which is for TradeWorlds 2 vs. 2 played with the game's Designer (Aka Me). It will help introducing NEW players to the game much like my demos at the Comic Con and Otakuthon in Montreal.

I was a bit afraid that the game might be "stale" (older version). But NO the game is 100% up-to-date for a 2 Player Head-to-Head duel...

Hopefully my Event gets approved and someone (3 lucky gamers) may get the chance to TRY the game first hand with me.

Should be a lot of FUN!

Will be having two (2) Game Slots for TradeWorlds

One of them on Saturday 23 May @ 1:00 PM (Central) or 2:00 PM (Eastern).

One of them on Sunday 24 May @ 9:00 AM (Central) or 10:00 AM (Eastern).

I'm waiting for the approval... Already got some of my own events that I hope to experience (if they are still available by the time I get to register). So far one (1) RPG Event (4 hours) ... I'd really like to attend ONE (1) RPG Event ... Because I always wanted to know how it felt to PLAY such a game!

I was listening to the Liberty Podcast ... So I've gotten some background about that Futuristic RPG System. I need to re-listen to better remind myself how playing an RPG is like...

This "Virtual" Event is actually got me totally INTERESTED! Glad I signed up...

Question for you all

Is there going to be a "LOBBY" for this event??? Like some kind of GENERAL Discord server where everyone from the CON can chat ... People can go off into Private Rooms to discuss or instruct where "to go" or "what to select", etc...

Update: Nevermind, I found the Discord Server and created my own account for using the Lobby and Discord Room for chatting ... It may be more COMPATIBLE (size-wise) than TableTopia.

Sorry, I'm new to all of this! But it's pretty KEWL...

My two DEMO events for TradeWorlds have been APPROVED!

Well I just checked and today I got confirmation that BOTH of my Demo Events for TradeWorlds have been approved! Yay. That means I get to show off the game since it has been a while that people got EXCITED by the game...

Trying something NEW is usually a lot of FUN. You don't know what to expect and you definitely learn as you PLAY. So this means that we won't be playing a too aggressive game since there is one (1) spectator and myself ... We won't be able to use the "Hand" option since this HIDES cards from the opponent(s) ... And since we are playing CO-OP, we need to share this information between the two (2) partners.

Again this is all in the name of FUN. So it doesn't really matter if the outcome will be LESS "strategic" and more "observable" during the match.

We will be running two (2) Play Session for "TradeWorlds"

Maybe some of you the other designers may be interested in what is being offered by the "Con of Champions" hosted by TableTop.Events. It's a three (3) day affair with all kinds of SWAG/MERCH/FUN!

If it's RPGs or Board Games, there is plenty to choose from... And all of that for under $20.00 USD (At the moment).

So the badges yet to register are: Idol ($10 USD), Lion ($5 USD) and Brave ($2 USD).

You still have the evening to THINK about it ... or just check it out:

For $10 USD you can still grab some MERCH and sign-up for some of the amazing events planed for to enjoy yourself! Cheers...

Note #1: I am personally HOSTING two (2) exclusive 2 vs. 2 CO-OP "TradeWorlds" play sessions:

  • Saturday 23 May @ 1:00 PM Central Time or 2:00 PM Eastern.
  • Sunday 24 May @ 1:00 PM Central Time or 2:00 PM Eastern!

The are some people waiting for spots and there are still FOUR (4) SPOTS available! So if you want to TRY "TradeWorlds", this is the PERFECT opportunity...

Haha... Managed to get in on that SWEET RPG!

Yesterday night... before going to bed around 11:30 PM EDT... I took a look at the TableTop.Events website a found that ALL events were available... I knew watching it at bedtime was the key! Anyhow I managed to get in on a sweet RPG for beginners on the Sunday. The amazing thing about it is that when I searched through the events... ALMOST all of them had 1 or more tickets available to "purchase" (at $0.00 since you pay per badge).

In any event, I will be hosting two (2) TradeWorlds game sessions on TableTopia ... and attending one (1) Beginners RPG (Cthulhu). A grand total of 7 hours over the weekend. REASONABLE!

I'm very excited for the RPG event... I've never been in one. So this will be a FIRST for me! Cool beans...

And BTW...

In case anyone is interested... There are still THREE (3) tickets left over for "TradeWorlds". Half of them are ALREADY gone. But the other half are now available... How long, this I cannot guarantee ... However at the time of this post, I checked three (3) spots open and now the events are OPEN to ALL... No waiting, just sign-up, choose a badge (at this point you could get in for ONLY $2.00 - Brave) and be able to play a whole ton of games...

Or at least one or two events that interest you...

Thanks for the Reminder

Just picked up my badge, and I'll look at the schedule after the day job is done.

I just wrapped up my Con Weekend...

I only had three (3) separate events (2 with TradeWorlds and 1 an RPG). It was great to be able to DEMO TradeWorlds some more... Players had FUN and the second game ended "almost" exactly at 90 minutes. I also played a 3:50 (was 4:00) of a RPG, my first ever experience (we dodged a bullet playing the way we did...) The end-game was much simpler since we made it back to the museum before 5:00 PM! I'm glad I got the chance to FINALLY (in my lifetime) play an RPG. I know we talk about them and the mechanics, what to offer as "expansion" content, etc. But we don't really talk much about the "core" being the stories behind the games.

So thanks for everyone who played TradeWorlds and thanks to Dave for rocking the RPG DM-Hosting (this morning)! Cheers the Con was a great success for me (personally and professionally ... 2 more demos).

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