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Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — The Reboot is finally ready!

On Friday, I wrapped up the final version of the Quest Adventure Cards(tm) Reboot which is a streamlined version of the product which is composed on 70 Quest Cards and is great for kids wanting to learn more about card games.

No "Quest AC" is NOT a "Battling" game. You don't battle your opponent. Instead it focuses on constructive gameplay encouraging the players to COMPLETE QUESTS, much like the name suggests.

There is no "Deck-Building", the game is a standalone game with great artwork from the previous initial version illustrated by "Geof Isherwood" a Marvel and D.C. Comic book artist who now lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Geof used to live in Montreal and that's how I met him.

Aside from really nice artwork the game features a RE-DESIGNED mechanic for completing quest. In the initial version of the product, players needed to complete Quests based on "Quest Cards". Those mechanics have been replaced by a more streamlined approach which uses SYMBOLS to match the various fragment cards to complete quests. It's fairly novel and then it uses a simple but known method by which cards are selected in traditional card games like Gin Rummy.

I didn't invent all the mechanics but I did tie them together to try to make the game as FUN and interesting for young players to be able to comprehend and play ON THEIR OWN TOO! Without the need for parental support or assistance. That is very important because it means that young players can enjoy the game and understand (or learn) how to play rather quickly.

There are so very few rules to this game... It can be learn in a matter of 5 minutes when being taught by someone who knows how to play!


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