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[GDS] AUGUST 2014 "Immortal in Time"

August 2014 "Immortal in time"

We have a winner!

Ritual Statue Building

Congratulations to the winner, now let's head over to the critiques area for a discussion!

[GDS] JULY 2014 "This Game is Stacked"

July 2014 "This Game is Stacked"

We have a winner!

Stack Skirmish by JewellGames!

Also congratulations to the 2nd and 3rd place entries:

  • 1st - Stack Skirmish by JewellGames
  • 2nd - Workload by kevinburg
  • 3rd - High-rise by nazcagames

Now get on over to the critiques thread and leave your feedback

[GDS] JUNE 2014 "The Play's the Thing"

We have a winner!

Six Kingdoms

A difficult task comes to a close, and thank you to all our entrants! Full results are posted in the usual place, and each game will get some dedicated discussion in the coming days. Now head over to the critiques forum to view the schedule and share your observations!

[GDS] MAY 2014 "I Believe"

May GDS "I Believe"

We have a winner!

The Reformers

The gold medal goes to "The Reformers". Silver medal goes to "Avignon". Bronze medal goes to "Jesus Christ!".

Big thanks to everyone who made this month and overwhelming well of good entries. Full results are posted into the critiques thread, so let's get some feedback going!

Entries are posted!

There are a whopping 22 entries this month, leaving many deserving of your attention. In other words, take it slow this week in reading the entries.

When you're ready to vote, submit your votes using this form.

You have until the end of May 15th to submit your votes! Also remember that any BGDF member can vote; not just the contestants.

Good luck to all the contestants!

[GDS] APRIL 2014 "Fool me once..."

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

We have a winner!

Idol Flattery!

Congratulations to new participant, Koen Hendrix, for the winning entry.

It was extremely close - in fact the votes for first were tied, and had to go to the tie-breaker, the entry with the most Gold medals.

The top three entries are:

  • Idol Flattery by Koen Hendrix
  • Countdown D.C. by nazcagames
  • Yes, Peas! by Artichoke

See the critiques thread for a complete breakdown and the review schedule/process.

With 18 total entries this month, spread out your time reading them. That way you won't get tired of the puns in the titles, either.

Once you're ready to cast your votes, you can do so using the following link:


Remember that anyone can vote, not just the entrants. Votes are due by the end of Tuesday, April 15th.

[GDS] MARCH 2014 "And make mine random!"

We have a winner!

Tornado Town

Spinning and twisting into first place, Tornado Town tore up the competition! A close second place goes to Exo Prime. Both are truly outstanding entries for this month's challenging competition. There is much to discuss about this particular challenge, and with the high level of participation there's bound to be some fascinating points raised about all of games. Congrats to all our participants; now let's start generating some feedback!.

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

Entries are posted!

Take a good look through the entries this month. There are plenty of unique uses for spinners represented, and hopefully a few solid games as well.

Let the voting begin!

[GDS] FEBRUARY 2014 "From nothing, something"

We have a winner!

Angry Stickmen

This was clear favorite, and ran away with the voting. The full results will be posted into the comments and critiques section, so head over there and let our designers know what you thought about their hard work!

[GDS] February 2014 "From nothing, something"

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

Entries are in!

Lots of participation again, this month! Many participants took the essence of the challenge to heart and limited their components beyond what was required. Kudos to them for the personal challenge.

Take a long look through the entries, and turn your votes in to mindspike before the end of the 15th. Good luck, everyone!

[GDS] JANUARY 2014 "Big Ideas in Tiny Packages"

We have a winner!

Climate Control

Can you power the world on clean fuel while avoiding climate catastrophe? Fully tabulated results will be posted in the comments and questions thread!

January 2014 Game Design Showdown - “Big Ideas in Tiny Packages”

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

Entries are in!

Take your time and read through this month's entries. There are a lots of them, but they each are a special flower and need your attention all the same.

Remember the voting criteria below, and submit your votes to mindspike by the end of the 15th!

[GDS] DECEMBER 2013 "The Gifting Season"

We have a winner!

Christmas Crunch

The game of frantic shopping, partying, gifting, and regifting took first place by a slim ribbon! Fully tabulated results will be posted in the comments and questions thread!

December 2013 Game Design Showdown - "The Gifting Season"

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

Entries are in! Lots to look at this month. Take a read through below and send your votes to mindspike for tabulation.

December; the month of holidays, gifts and family. It should be a time of giving, and yet the games we play are "me, me, me! I want this wooden cube so I can build this token to make MORE WOODEN CUBES!"

We're going to challenge this a bit with the December GDS.

[GDS] NOVEMBER 2013 "The End is Near"

November 2013 Game Design Showdown - "The End is Near"

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

We have a winner!

The Housing Bubble

Edging out the other entries by a slim margin, The Housing Bubble takes the gold, while Quarreling Corsairs and The Last Castle tie for the silver. Check out the critiques thread for the points breakdown and join in the discussion!

The entries are posted!

**Please take the time to read them and then PM your votes to mindspike by the end of 16th.

  • Voting Format: Each person has 3 Medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze - with values 3, 2, and 1 vote respectively) to distribute any way they choose among the GDS entries with the following restrictions:

    • Entrants may not assign any Medals to their own entry!

    • Entrants must assign all 3 Medals.

    • An entrant who does not assign all 3 Medals will receive a Pyrite Medal (-3 votes) as a penalty.

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