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[GDS] MARCH 2016 "Super Vote-a-tron 2016"

We have a winner!


by billarama

Quite a challenge, but our designers stepped outside the ballot box to meet it! Thank you to everyone who submitted games and took the time to read them! Now let's go to the critiques thread and talk about them!

[GDS] FEBRUARY 2016 "The circle is now complete."

We have a winner!


by billarama

Massive participation this month! Let's go talk about it! Final point totals are posted in the critiques thread.

[GDS] JANUARY 2016 "Stronger together"

We have a winner!

The votes showed a clear top three entries this month. The top winner is:

The King's Gold

by Elkobold


by Andymakespasta in second place


by Markgrafn rounding out the top three!

Congratulations to the winners. Now head on over to the critiques thread to check out critique schedule.

[GDS] DECEMBER 2015, "Learning to game"

We have a winner!

Evil Cults for Dummies

Congratulations to andymakespasta!

With only four entries this month, we've got some leeway to dig into the mechanics and see what works and what doesn't. It was really tempting to just declare this one a four-way tie, what with the voting being so close! Thank you to all of our entrants, [now let's head over to the critiques forum!] (

[GDS] NOVEMBER 2015 "Heirloom quality"

We have a winner!


by markgrafn

Not many entries this month, but a record number of comparative votes. An intriguing challenge with some very nice components made this one extra tough. Judging by the voting response, there is quite a lot to talk about concerning both the challenge and the entries. Let's get to it!

[GDS] OCTOBER 2015 "A game for everyone"

We have a winner!

Congrats to AndrewUBaker for "Magic Trick".

As hardcore gamers we tend to take to complicated games far more easily than the masses. We look for themes in our games and demand a story in addition to engrossing game play. It's easy to forget that for the unwashed masses, gaming is primarily a social event where you just happen to be tossing cards around. Well done, designers, and thanks for contributing this month!

Let's head over to the critiques forum and talk about the games.

[GDS] September "The only way out is up"

We have a winner!

Congrats to andymakespasta for "Towers of Bologna".

With a unique challenge and an open theme, quite a few designers submitted entries. Some excellent variety and some interesting design decisions. Let's head over the critiques thread and see if we can make some sense of it! Mega-kudos to everyone who participated in this month's challenge!

[GDS] August 2015 "The GenCons and GenCants"

We have a winner!

10 Days

by andymakespasta

Another tough challenge to close out summer. Thank you to all our participants, I can't wait to hear some of the thinking behind the design choices this month. Let's head over to the critiques forum for complete voting results and discussion.

[GDS] JULY 2015 "Standing Room Only"

We have a winner!

Proper Deportment

by Wombat929

Very proper indeed. An especially difficult challenge this month. Huge thanks to all the designers that put their creative abilities to the task. As always, one day will be devoted to each entry, but please feel free to keep the discussion going on other days. Now head over to the critiques forum to view the full results and discuss the games!

[GDS] JUNE 2015 "The enemy of my enemy is also my enemy"

We Have a Winner!

Cabinet Affairs

by diluce

What a selection of entries this month! Huge thanks to all the designers who stretched their legs and put in a submission for this month's contest. There's lots to talk about, so head on over to the critiques thread for a full voting breakdown and let's get started. With the number of entries this month, we're slotting two per day. Don't be afraid to come back to an entry and make some more comments!

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