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Welcome to the Board Game Designers Forum

Well, the entry was a little bumpy, but you've made it to the Board Game Designers Forum. Welcome!

Please take a moment to start a thread introducing yourself in this Welcome forum. Tell us what brings you here to BGDF, what games you might be working on, or any questions you have in particular about game design, prototyping, or publishing.

Then take a look around, if you haven't already. Get involved with the other BGDF designers. Here's what you can expect.

Please be advised that for 24 hours on the 16 May 2024... will be inaccessible. Our Hosting Company is moving all of their servers to a BRAND NEW state-of-the-art facility. As such the server on which we are hosted is scheduled to be moved on the 16 May 2023 and the downtime expected is 24 hours...

We will see how long it really takes to get the server back up-and-running as the window for the migration to the new facility is estimated at 24 hours.

Site Ads and Google Experiments

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to inform you that there may be some Google Ads that show-up which are NOT the usual "reserved area" on the Right-Hand Side. These are what Google calls "Experiments" and sometimes they last for MONTHS! In one particular experiment; an Ad would appear as a Modal Window as you visit the website (golly gosh darn).

I could NOT ACCEPT this "experiment" because it is the MOST annoying thing to get some kind of GIANT AD and be forced to click on an "X" from a Modal Window which occupies (if not) the entire screen or most of it.

FIXED: Some links and options may report a 500 or 403 Errors

A fair warning, the website seems to have some 500 - Internal Server Error and 403 - Forbidden errors when using the website. I'm not a PRO at Drupal so I asked the previous Technical Admin to take a look around and see IF he can spot anything abnormal.

Of course I contacted the Hosting Company and the person that I chatted with was not very sympathetic at all... Some support techs are more sympathetic than others ... Most are very reasonable. But in this instance ... He could not help me further!

DoS or too much INVALID traffic

Please be aware that as of today around 5:00 PM EST, I've found that the website has been behaving rather BADLY.

I don't know if this is a "Denial of Service" type of attack ... But it looks like we are getting a lot of INVALID "login attempts".

I tracked one of them down to a BOT that uses a LOT of bandwidth each and every month and have BLOCKED it's activity to the website.

But while this seemed to rectify the situation A BIT... There are adresses that I cannot resolve the HOSTNAME giving me an invalid IP or name which may be a part of a DoS attack.

Recent e-mail activity has been compromised over the last 3 weeks

To anyone trying to REGISTER for an account over here at ... I was SCAMMED on the 6 September 2022 by an e-mail that seemed to be from my HOSTING company. It all seemed LEGIT and the ONLY problem was the issuing e-mail which I did not check.

That was a BIG mistake.

The PAYMENT process was held somewhere in Taiwan and they tried to BILL my Credit Card for over $9,000 USD. My Credit Card company put an immediate STOP to the transaction and I was LUCKY in that I REALIZED my BIG mistake before it was too late.

I changed my HOSTING password for my account 10 minutes later.

The Future of

I just wanted to take a moment to mention WHY(?) has been down for about 1 hour twice in the last month. It seems like an AddHandler in the .HTACCESS file was modified for PHP 7.2. I was told by the first Support Analyst that indeed they have made an update to their systems and are DEFAULTING to version 7.2... Originally I did nothing but "restore" the older .HTACCESS file and the website was restored as before.

But yet again TODAY, the .HTACCESS file was modified around 1:00 PM and the 7.2 instructions were YET AGAIN added to the .HTACCESS file.

Let's revive the Reviewers Section...

What are your thoughts about this? Reviving the "Reviewers Section" would be pretty simple to do... It could follow some simple moderation rules and anyone who would want to share a "Gaming Experience" can do so...

Basically if you play a TableTop game (Card or Board), take notes during the experience and have sufficient material to post a short but to the point topic about the game.


Hello all,
There is a massive security update for drupal important enough for them to issue a patch for drupal 6.x (which is what BGDF is built on).

The site is being updated and will be down for an hour or so Wednesday 9-10 AM EST - after which you should see "https" instead of "http" in the address bar.

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