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The let-off Leap Year Flash Drive!

ONE DAY, 24 HOURS, ONLY! 18 FEBRUARY 2020: It's the let-off leap year flash drive!!!

18th February happens to be my birthday. 2020 also happens to be a leap year. $0 is typically what it costs to download and play my games. So I figure once every four years is good for an experiment like this.

For 24 hours, I will raise the minimum price of all my games posted on to $2. I’m inviting you and humbly requesting that you buy just one thing from me, once every four years.

Your generosity can gain you some other stuff, too. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Contribute $2 and you get a game I’ve posted on
  • Contribute $10 and you get a game plus I spend 2 hours to make a game inspired by your requests (I’ll contact you via email).
  • Contribute $20 and you get a game, plus I will send a pair of custom-designed wooden coasters inspired by your requests, made with my Glowforge (continental USA addresses only).
  • Contribute $50 and you get a game, plus I will send you a custom-designed, hand-made, single-deck card game inspired by your requests (shipped to continental USA addresses only).

Video games available here:

Examples of card games I can make for you are here:

Examples of Glowforge stuff are here:


Hmm... How come???

I was wondering why your Coal & Write (Roll & Write) game is not part of the contest entries over at "The Game Crafter" (TGC)??? I thought for sure the reason you were designing this game was because you planned to enter it into the "Roll & Write" contest!

Sorry was going to send you a PM ... But when I SAW "Treasure Diver" I was like WTF?!?! Someone is using your game's name in the TGC "Roll & Write" contest. His name is "Marc" so I knew it was NOT your game (@let-off studios or Stephen)...

Anyways take a look ... And please let me know. I thought your game was going to be one of the finalists!!! Bit disappointed if it's not... Like I said I was CERTAIN that's why you presented the game, because you wanted some review and critiques to make a better end-product for TGC...

You're Correct

The simple answer to the question is that I didn't finish it in time. It is really a missed opportunity for me, and there's no one to blame but myself for that.

I do appreciate everyone's feedback, and the game is much better for it at this point. I hope there will be an opportunity for me to enter it into some other kind of contest or submission process this year.

Aww shucks...

I thought we were going to have a TGC Finalist for a contest!!! Would have made a "nice" accolade! Something to add to the "design" resume. Could prime you for other contests over at BGG... Some people have participated in over 100 different "design" contests. It's insane how some people have so much "design-cred"!

I understand... But it's still a bit unfortunate. (Darn it)

The Flash Drive is Live

​Hello everyone--

I promise you I will only bother you about this sort of thing once every four years... The let-off Leap Year Flash Drive is happening right now!

All my games can be purchased with a minimum contribution of $2.00. Perks for contributions of $10, $20, and even $50 are available. If you drop some money in the bucket I will contact you afterward for any additional goodies I can pass along your way: custom games, custom laser-cut goodies, and even your own custom card game!

Grab my games here:

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to (and do other stuff I want to, as well). Enjoy your day, folks!

The 2020 Flash Drive is Done

This turned out to be a pretty fun and useful experiment. People actually made contributions! I'll be making a video game and a set of Glowforge items for two different people, and there are a handful of thank-you emails I'll be sending out in the very near future.

I'll make this happen again four years from now. Until then, stay tuned. :)

OMG I actually thought you wanted people to buy ...

A USB Flash Drive!!! (LOL) Just from the title, I was like: "Hmm... Let-Off is selling some kind of USB Drive with some games on it???" Kinda seemed a bit WEIRD!

But you meant "Flash" as in Urgent and "Drive" as in Campaign...!

So "Flash Drive" != "USB Drive"... Instead it's "Urgent Campaign". So funny (at least for me...)

I actually thought you were selling some hardware! Haha...

Bad Puns

Yep, the title was a play on words. I came up with the idea, said to myself, "What the hell, I'll do it!" and the silly name stuck.

I'm personally happy with the outcome, and I know that in four years I'll have more to offer for the next campaign drive, so I'm gonna run with it for a while. And who knows? Maybe I will include an actual flash drive with the next campaign...? :)

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