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Civ-lite Deck Building Game needing Play testing

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Hi all.

I've been busy designing a civ-lite deck building game, called Rise to Glory. I've had a few play tests of my own, tweaked it more, but with my very small group of gamers I'm looking for a wider pool of play testers to try it out for me.

Est. play time: 1 hour
2-4 players.

I'm looking to get a good mix of play with 2, 3 and 4 player groups to look at balancing issues.

Things that I'm specially looking for help on
Balancing issues - especially with Civilization Advances and the icons that go on Regions.
Should Advances provide more player interaction?
Endgame: Should it be to a point value or something else? Currently the game end when a player gets to 20 VPs.

Is it fun?
Are there enough ways to win?

So, if anyone is interested in deck building games and civilization-lite games PM me with your interest and I'll send you a pdf of the rules and cards to print out (warning: there are around 200 cards in the game) and test for me.


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send us the rules

send us the rules

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Fun game

I am typing up notes on the play test, it took about 45minutes to get everything ready to play (paper cutter is a must!) I was hoping for a second play test before getting you notes, but I have not had time. I do not rule out that in the near future, but wanted to get you feedback without too much delay. So look for an email the next couple days.

if people like to understand other systems in progress I think play testing is a great chance to see design through someone else's eyes.

Joined: 07/28/2008
Thanks Kirioni. But yeah,

Thanks Kirioni.

But yeah, getting some else totally away from the system is a great way to improve the game itself. I've had 1 players feedback which was helpful and I look forward to seeing what think.

One thing though - I'm on leave from work for a week so can you send the notes to this email:


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