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I’m pretty far into development of a game I have inspired by the old bomberman games. In this game players are trying to make basic tetris shapes while trying to incapacitate the other players. My idea being originally that it’s all played on a flat checkered plane but it’s currently going through some revisions as I think having a vertical aspect to it would really add some flair to the game.

let me give you some background.

players play pieces on the board one at a time. Pieces must be adjacent to another one of their own. Every turn a player can play a card then play a piece. If a card is played it will either affect an already existing piece on the board, or the incoming piece. Such as, there is a jump card that will allow a player to have his piece jump another to move to the space on the other side of the piece while sending that one back to the owners hand. There’s another that will wipe out a whole line of pieces. Another will let you play a piece wherever you want, regardless of adjacent positon. There’s a card that will remove other player’s pieces from the board, and cards that will cancel those effects or render pieces as fixed positions on the board.

players take turns, and then whenever a player finishes ten-15 points worth of objectives, the game ends players can use their points to renew the power ups in their hand, or try to draw for an easier objective. So on and so forth.

The game is currently being play tested on a 10x10 grid where the game can end by the board being filled, or someone scoring the appropriate amount of points.

This morning I had the idea of making it so pieces can be placed on top of each other. There’s a concept in the game called walling, which will make pieces you have placed on the board immune, at the cost of playing a proper walling card and paying the cost of 1 point per turn, hoping that those fixed pieces will help you complete a larger piece. I was thinking that maybe walling could lead to players being able to build higher. Almost like they are building scaffolds to try and get higher then the other players.

If I was to incorporate vertical positioning, I think I would try and go for a smaller board, maybe 4x4 or 6x6 (most likely 6x6). Do you guys see any apparent issues other then the wording on some cards will have to change? Maybe adding a vertical element is a terrible plan, but it’s something that I think will really make the game POP. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading fellas.

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I always thought that Strata

I always thought that Strata 5 ( was a cool concept for moving in 3d space. Check out the gameplay. It might give you a few ideas about how to fit verticality into your mechanics.

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