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Amateur BG designer - Australia. Making a tower defence game.

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I am sure most of you have a similar story to me in terms of BG playing. Started young, etc etc and am still hooked. Now I am looking to take it to the next level. Game design. This is something that I am new at. None the less, with a number of designs on the floor/in the bin, I have a design that is getting some traction. I am looking to make a tower defence game that is purely tower defence. I have play tested it about 20 times and there have been some major changes to it, most of which are recorded on my BGG blog. Any advice, pointers is welcomed. I also am looking for advice on how much I should talk about my game/posting rules etc.

Thanks for your time.


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Hooray for Australian Indie designers

Your blog looks good and you've put some work into your game....congrats!

I'm happy to hear about other Australian designers.....I personally don't know any others! Talking about your game is a must.....if you have any reservations about someone pinching your idea, then it's time to forget about that and use this forum to get the feedback you need.

All the best with it!

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