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David J. Bush

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Five possible board arrangements

Hi there. I have a few games entered into the Board Game Geek db, but nothing published yet. My main game I would really like to sell is called Lazo, a two player abstract three dimensional tile stacking game. There are lots of decisions I could definitely use some help with. For example:

2p abstracts are not the most popular genre. I would like to create another game that uses the same board and pieces plus two more sets of pieces in different colors. I call this game Clamber. I have a pretty good idea what the rules will be, but would be open to suggestions. The idea would be, the box will be labeled as "Lazo & Clamber" or maybe "Clamber & Lazo." There are specific mechanisms I want to include, and I have an initial notion what the rules for Clamber should be, but I need to playtest with Zillions of Games or Axiom or AI AI first. (I already have a Zillions module for Lazo, called Loop Game.)

I'm working on a rules booklet and videos to explain Lazo. I've been told this is a difficult game to understand. My goal is to make the rules as clear as possible.

I have tiles and ten board sections from a laser cutting service. I want to cast molds and make sets with Alumilite. A significant level of precision is necessary for the game to work. Advice from casters would be appreciated.

I plan to self publish, but if I can sell my game to a company that can make it accurately enough, that would probably be better. They might not like my modular board sections idea, and would prefer I choose a single board shape. I attach an image of a sheet to be included in the box, which shows ways to put the sections together. Oh, and I would appreciate verification of those translations.

I wouldn't mind if my other games were published as well. I also have designed a sort of parlor trick, which might fall outside the scope of this website.

EDIT: I should add that I do not expect detailed responses here, just "Post in forum A about this, forum B about that" sort of reply. Thanks.

Pleased to meetcha.

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hi. and welcome to bgdf i

hi. and welcome to bgdf
i think your right that 2 player abstracts are a hard sell. there is a strange thing that happens with abstacts and new players. the lack of theme makes people think the game is harder (or rather thinky-er) than they (usually) are
i have a friend that is happy to play monopoly, cluedo and even some lighter modern games like fluxx and zombie dice. nothing to hard or long. i tried to introduce him to beckgammon and got as far as setting it up before they decided that it looked "too boring and complicated" and we played fluxx again. so i made a new board (stretched it out so it was a line not a u shape) and used some minis instead of discs. long story short they picked it up in 5 minutes and now its one of there favorite games (i have since explained its just backgammon). admittedly my friend isnt the sharpest tool in the box, and i would always argue the mechanics are more important than theme, some people just like bright colours and shiny things.
but thats not what your asking. you can make a blog or forum (like this one) on this site or link to your wiki.
i think i understood the idea but the rules are not great. its mainly the order of things though. for instance you should tell people within the first few lines how they win, or at least the general aim ( in this case the surrounding of the enemy pieces.) all players need to know about the tiles to begin is that they stack and each player takes a colour.

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Set some Goals and Reach them

David, you are in the world of innovation. There is only one way to the realization of your dreams.
1) define the desired Outcome: None of this "I plan to self publish, but if a Miracle happened and a company wanted to publish my game, and they could make it good enough, then that would be better". If you want to self publish...that is the Goal. If you want to sell your idea that's a completely different Goal.

2) What are the rules? How can you make them more clear? When are you getting your game play-tested? Why Alumilite? Is it cost effective? Is there another way to make the game (3D printer)? If your game isn't the most popular genre how can you change that? WOB gave an incredible example of Marketing with his/her friend that ended up liking a game they initially didn't want to play.

You've got to define your questions and ask them directly to this forum. Put the lack of Confidence and Direction aside. It won't help you get anywhere!!!! Now is the time for STEEL like determination, and a Resolve to NEVER QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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