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Good morning from NZ!

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Joined: 05/08/2013

Hi everyone!

I'm Amanda, and I'm a multimedia developer & graphic designer from New Zealand with a keen interest in playing & making all types of games :)

I have a bit of a different game project on at the moment, which I'll spill my thoughts about in a different forum. But in general I love the euro-style board games and spend a lot of time playing computer games.

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Joined: 12/26/2009

Hello from the past (about 23 hours or so)! And welcome to the BGDF. If you're looking for help on your different game project, I think you'll find a lot of helpful people here.

Where about do you live in NZ? My wife and I are trying to find work there now so we can move around the end of the year.

Joined: 04/08/2012
Welcome to the forum.

Hello Amanda, welcome and take a seat. Can not wait to hear about your game projects. Have fun here at BGDF.

Joined: 05/08/2013
Thanks! Rich- I'm in


Rich- I'm in Wellington. It definitely is a cool little capital. Hope you find the work you're looking for!

Joined: 07/28/2008
Cool. Good to see another

Cool. Good to see another Kiwi on the Forums. I'm Chch based myself.

@Rich, if you're in construction or any way involved in the building trade you'll get work in Christchurch pretty easy, what with our rebuild after the earthquakes we suffered a couple of years ago.

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