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June 2009 Challenge - "Last Meeple Standing"

Game Design Showdown

June 2009 Challenge - "Last Meeple Standing"


The winner is ilta for "State of Nature". Congrats!

8 Entries now available for review and critiquing

  • Submissions: Wednesday, 17-June-2009 through Wednesday, 24-June-2009.
  • Voting: Wednesday, 24-June-2009 through Friday, 3-July-2009.

Main Design Requirements:

  • End Game = Being the last player to accomplish some predefined goal (so not gain 20 vp, not cross the finish line, not collect 3 sets, not use the last resource, etc).
  • Victory Condition = Anything you desire.
  • Meeple Components must be used.


  • Survival. The game should portray a thematic feeling of survival.

Game Design Showdown May 2009 Challenge: "The Horror of the Siftables"

Game Design Showdown

May 2009 Challenge - "The Horror of the Siftables"


The winner is Mitchell Allen for "Pandora's Mountain". Congrats!

There are 5 entries that I have posted. Click on the "comments" clickable do-hickey below to see the entries.

  • Voting: Wednesday, 20-May-2009 through Wednesday, 27-May-2009.

  • Voting: I will be using the "10 points" method of voting. In other words, when you vote, you assign any number of points to your favorite entries, as long as the total amount of points you assign does not exceed 10 total points. You are free to cast your points as you wish across as many games as you wish. However, you are not allowed to assign points to your own game.

Design a "scary" game using Siftables technology. What are "Siftables?" Glad you asked! Click to see Siftables in action here.

Theme: Horror. The game should be based on a "scary" or "horror" theme. It can be a classic horror theme, or modern. Monsters, zombies, mad slashers, haunted castles, vampires, etc.

Main Design Requirement:
A heavy use of the Siftables technology is required. Which I don't think is going to be too much of a problem.

Game Design Showdown April 2009 Challenge: "Dictyostelids"

Game Design Showdown

April 2009 Challenge - "Dictyostelids"


Design a board game in which the players control their pieces in a whay that somehow resembles the individual and aggregate states of the Dictyostelid cellular slime molds.

Theme: Free. The game theme can be literally about cellular slime molds, or cellular nano-robots, or any other thing the designer finds suitable to the main challenge premise.

March 2009 Game Design Showdown -- Winners Announced

A pair of entries tied with the most votes for best entry in the March 2009 GDS Challenge:

  • Valley of Winds by awakener76
  • Trailer Park: The Game! by stubert

Congratulations to both of them, and the other 5 entries that came within a vote or two of that top mark. The March Challenge was entitled "Sharing the Wind" and was looking for games themed around wind that included a shared piece or pieces.

Get all the details in the Challenge Thread.

BGDF member Xaqery wins Hippodice 2009!

Long time BGDF member Dwight Sullivan (Xaqery) has just won the 1st prize at Hippodice 2009 with his game Noblemen.

If you think that's not enough, second place went to Jeff Allers (jeffinberlin), another BGDF member and regular poster on the site, for Wampum. Even more, he placed a second game in the top six, Artifact.

Congratullations to both on this great achievement!

You can see the official results (in German) here.

February 2009 Game Design Showdown - Winner announced!

Congratulations to InvisibleJon and his entry "Duplicity", which was voted the best response to this month's Challenge. The Challenge was entitled "Back in time: roll-and-move", and was looking for games about going back in time with strategically meaningful roll-and-move mechanics.

You can get all of the details on the Challenge Thread.

Game Manufacturing Photo Tour

Mary Prasad has put together an enjoyable tour of the Ludo Fact game manufacturer in Germany. She includes lots of photos and plenty of good information. Check it out at Boardgame News!

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Once you go to the How-To area there is a very VERY basic How-To on creating a How-To! So if you feel creative and would like to share your methods, skills and steps on how to create something, please share by creating a How-To.

--The BGDF Staff

January 2009 Game Design Showdown - Winner announced!

By Jove he's done it again!

Congratulations to ilta for his entry "Back to You", which was voted the best response to this month's Challenge. The Challenge was entitled "No I in Team", and was looking for non sports games with team play.

You can get all of the details on the Challenge Thread.

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