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A helpful resource for all aspects of designing board games: game design, prototyping, playtesting, publishing, and much much more!

Update to Recent Topics

Hello All,

As you can see there was a update to the Recent Topics list (located on the right side of the page). This was a result of some various input from members that desired to have some way to identify what type of topic is being listed. So I have added in an initial trial version that now includes icons!

The following is a small legend to help members understand the various content types that could be displayed :


A little bit of info...

News Article

Since this is a new site I figured I would try to help make the transition easier by posting a few quick helpful items.

If you wish to find any blogs, images or game journal content you have posted, this is possible by accessing your *My account* page. Blogs were already handled by the system, but I have added a listing at the bottom of the user page that will contain your specific game journals and images. This should make finding your contributions to the site easier.

July 2008 Game Design Showdown Challenge Winner Announced

Congratulations to TheMob, who submitted the entry entitled "Sharkball" ... it was voted the best entry to the July 2008 GDS Challenge. The Challenged, "Pool Party", was looking for games played in or around a swimming pool.

Check out "Sharkball" and the other 3 entries in the Challenge Thread in the forums.

My Game Journals

News Article

I have added in some new support for the Game Journals. At this time you can access a Game Journal you previously created via your user page (just select your name in the online users area or the my account link).

Other members can also go to another members account by selecting on their names, on the selected user page you will see any Game Journals they have created.

Site Issues

News Article

Ok this time it was ALL my fault!

I tried to update some features of the site and made a BIG mess of the site. Hopefully everything is back in order now.


Archive Up

Access to the old site is now available. To get to the archive select the Archive option located in the upper right corner.


Site Moved Early



For those that are just coming back to the site, you can tell that things have drastically changed. This was a result of the old site being hacked (multiple times in just a few hour span).

As a result I had to move to the new system (that was being created behind the scenes). It still have flaws and content is still being migrated. The biggest issue,YOU MUST CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, sorry... but this is just how is has to be for us to move forward at this time.


The Modena Cathedral … in a Game

The Libraries of Modena have announced a competition for the creation of a card game based on Modena Cathedral’s imaginary world. The game must require at least two players, last no more than one hour and be made of maximum 110 cards divided into one or two decks, rules not included. Nothing else must be necessary to play: only sheets of paper and a pen to record scores.

For more information, see the article on Boardgame News

July 2008 Game Design Showdown Challenge Entries Revealed

Four brave designers have stepped up with some out-of-the-box (-and-into-the-pool) entries for the July 2008 Challenge in the monthly Game Design Showdown series. The Challenge was entitled "Pool Party" and was looking for games to be played by groups in a swimming pool.

Catch the details in the Forum Challenge Thread.

Then, send in your votes and post your critiques.

Game Design & Self Publishing article by Byron Collins

Byron Collins of posted a most excellent article on the Geek about his experiences with game design and publication. I highly recommend you read it, it has a lot of useful information.

check it out here


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