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What's your favorite features of BGDF?

I'd like to know which features of this website are being used, which are cool but unusable, and which are simply not useful. So please reply to this thread and let me know which features you use and like, which you would like to use if they were somehow different, and what you'd like to see as a feature of BGDF.

Right now I'm just gathering information, but I do hope to use this information before too long to greatly improve the BGDF experience!


[GDS] February/March 2011 Game Design Showdown - "The Dice Gods Must Be Crazy" - TOP 8 VOTING

I have tabulated the Top 10 lists, and looking at the distribution of first round votes, I have made the cutoff at 13 votes - that is to say each entry with 13 or more votes has moved on to round 2. There are 8 entries that made the cut.

For round 2 we will return to the normal GDS voting format:

  • You may assign up to 6 votes to the entries of your choice
  • You may assign no more than 3 votes on any 1 entry
  • You may not vote on your own entry
  • You need not assign all 6 votes

To vote, PM sedjtroll with the following format:
#XX [Entry title] - X votes
#XX [Entry title] - Y votes
#XX [Entry title] - Z votes
(For convenience you can copy and paste the lines below)

[GDS] February 2011 Game Design Showdown - "The Dice Gods Must Be Crazy"

February 2011 Game Design Showdown - "The Dice Gods Must Be Crazy"

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.



Instead of the 30 votes thing I mentioned before, I think it will be better to do this in a 2-step voting process. I apologize to those who painstakingly assigned 30 votes already!

ROUND 1: Simply list your 10 favorite entries of the 38. Send me a PM with the subject "FEB GDS TOP 10" with that list. You don't need to put them in any particular order, just the 10 entries you think are best.

You have until Sunday to get me this (some people have expressed that Friday was too early to go over all the entries, and I expect some people would prefer to do so on the weekend). Sorry for the confusion!

The Entries have been broken up into 4 threads...

Michael Mindes of Tasty Minstrel Games has expressed an interest in a quick playing, light game made primarily of dice. I thought it might be fun to expand this month's Showdown and incorporate his request to find out if the BGDF can produce something he'd be interested in publishing.

While the GDS is a competition, it's a friendly one, and I think it would be cool to see the critiques of these games aim at really trying to make one or more of them good enough to submit to a publisher. Even if your own entry does not win, you could contribute to one of your colleagues games getting published!

Apologies and solutions?

I just want to apologize to all BGDF users about the constant spam posts and other sub-optimal parts of this website. For some time I've been meaning to do something about this, but my lack of expertise in this department has caused hesitation and delay. I am gearing up to find (or at least look for) a professional solution - I will let you know more when I figure it out.

Thanks for continuing to come back and participate in the BGDF community despite any irritants and sub-optimal stuff.

- Seth

[GDS] January 2011 Game Design Showdown - "Remember the Time"

January 2011 Game Design Showdown - "Remember the Time"

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

Voting for the January Game design Showdown is now closed!

Kind of a disappointing or anticlimactic month for the GDS - most likely due to the 1-page design contest at BGG. Only 2 entries this month, and each one got 2 votes, for a tie!

So congrats to both entrants this month, you're both winners :)

Hopefully next month the GDS will be more active.

Main Design Requirements:

  • Theme Restriction: None! This month feel free to come up with whatever theme you'd like.

  • Mechanics Restriction: Memory. For this showdown your game should have a memory element, but not the kind you might be used to - rather than the players needing to remember certain aspects of the game state, the GAME should have some kind of memory or some way to record the game state (or at least part of it), such that the game can be reset to that state on a future turn if need be.

  • Mechanics Restriction: Rock-Paper-Scissors. This month's games must use a Rock-Paper-Scissors comparison in a non-trivial way. This does not mean that you must literally use "Rock," "Paper" and "Scissors" in your game, just things that have the kind of relationship. For example, the new Sid Meier's Civilization: the Board Game has a somewhat sophisticated RPS system for combat.

Game Design Contest - 1 Full Sheet Label

I just read about a little game design contest being held over in the Board Game Design forums at BGG:

Check it out, the post details how to enter.

Happy New Year!
- Seth

Merry Christmas Everyone!

For some the holiday season is a chance to take a break from work and concentrate on their game designs - for others it's a time to take a break from game design and hang out with friends and family... whichever the case may be for you, I hope you have a fun holiday!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

- Seth

[GDS] December 2010 Game Design Showdown - "Time to Captcha that Holiday Spirit!"

Due to a recent rash of spam posts here at BGDF, I tried to improve everybody's experience by playing with the CAPTCHA settings. As it turned out, despite it turning into a very annoying hurdle for the regular users of the site, somehow it did not seem to deter spam posters in any way! I apologize for that inconvenience and have turned off the CAPTCHA stuff (I think!)

However, it's given me an amusing idea for the December installment of the Game Design Showdown...

Voting on the Game Design Showdown is now CLOSED!

Congratulations to this months winner, a landslide victory with 9 votes:
Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart: Holiday Edition 2076
by James Ryan (williamj35)

Other entries and votes. NOTE: I missed a vote email earlier - this is the corrected tally: CAPTCHA CAPTURE - 5 votes
It's Beginning to look a lot like Spammas! - 3 votes
Wi$hl!sts - 3 votes

Thanks for playing, have a happy holiday season and I'll see you next year!
- Seth

GDS Haiatus

In case nobody noticed, there was no November GDS. This time of year is always hectic, what with holidays approaching and travel. I personally have been very busy with BGG.con and all of the exciting Tasty Minstrel goings on.

But fear not! The Game Design Showdown will return in December!

- Seth

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