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Game Design Contest - 1 Full Sheet Label

I just read about a little game design contest being held over in the Board Game Design forums at BGG:

Check it out, the post details how to enter.

Happy New Year!
- Seth

Merry Christmas Everyone!

For some the holiday season is a chance to take a break from work and concentrate on their game designs - for others it's a time to take a break from game design and hang out with friends and family... whichever the case may be for you, I hope you have a fun holiday!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

- Seth

[GDS] December 2010 Game Design Showdown - "Time to Captcha that Holiday Spirit!"

Due to a recent rash of spam posts here at BGDF, I tried to improve everybody's experience by playing with the CAPTCHA settings. As it turned out, despite it turning into a very annoying hurdle for the regular users of the site, somehow it did not seem to deter spam posters in any way! I apologize for that inconvenience and have turned off the CAPTCHA stuff (I think!)

However, it's given me an amusing idea for the December installment of the Game Design Showdown...

Voting on the Game Design Showdown is now CLOSED!

Congratulations to this months winner, a landslide victory with 9 votes:
Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart: Holiday Edition 2076
by James Ryan (williamj35)

Other entries and votes. NOTE: I missed a vote email earlier - this is the corrected tally: CAPTCHA CAPTURE - 5 votes
It's Beginning to look a lot like Spammas! - 3 votes
Wi$hl!sts - 3 votes

Thanks for playing, have a happy holiday season and I'll see you next year!
- Seth

GDS Haiatus

In case nobody noticed, there was no November GDS. This time of year is always hectic, what with holidays approaching and travel. I personally have been very busy with BGG.con and all of the exciting Tasty Minstrel goings on.

But fear not! The Game Design Showdown will return in December!

- Seth

[GDS] October 2010 "Herculean Task"

October 2010 Game Design Showdown - "Herculean Task"

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

This month's challenge is to design a stereotypical Eurogame about the 12 trials of Hercules.

And the winner is...

The winner of the October/November GDS, "Herculean Task," is Verb The Adjective Noun, by Isaiah Tanenbaum (ilta)!

Second place was The Labors of Herakles by Richard James (rcjames14), beating out Hercules: The Later Years by Dave (dobnarr) by just 2 votes.

Congratulations to all 4 entries, they all really look superb!

[GDS] September 2010 - "Yea, Verily!"

September 2010 Game Design Showdown - "Yea, Verily!"

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

VOTING RESULTS ARE IN for the September 2010 Game Design Showdown entries!

Photo finish this month! Congratulations to Richard James (rcjames) for garnering 8 votes with his cooperative game entry Nottingham!

Runner up in 2nd place with 6 votes was (dplepage) for Sherwood Irregulars.

Thanks everyone for participating, I really liked several of the entries this time! The critique thread is now open for business!

Main Design Requirements:

  • Theme Restriction: This month's theme restriction is very rich and recognizable to all: Robin Hood! There have been a few published games with this theme, but none I would consider great... maybe you can do better?

  • Mechanics Restriction: To go along with the theme, your game must have some semblance of "stealing from the rich and giving to the poor".

  • Mechanics Restriction: Your game must also include at least two different mini-games. For an example of a mini-game, consider Archon, a Chess style game where you play a mini-game to see which piece actually wins in a capture.

[GDS] August 2010 - "Sharing" - RESULTS

August 2010 Game Design Showdown - "Sharing"

THE RESULTS ARE IN...and the winner of the August 2010 Game Design Showdown is...

Don Jon's The Sorcerer's Apprentices, with a final score of 11 votes!

Congratulations to Don Jon, and thank you to everyone who submitted an entry or took the time to vote!

Game Design track at RinCon 2010

Hey all! I'm in charge of board gaming at RinCon this year (Oct 8-10, 2010) and I'm going to make sure there's a robust prototype testing/game design element at the con!

GDS July 2010 Challenge: "My Summer Vacation"

July 2010 Game Design Showdown - "My Summer Vacation"

Please Read: Details on entering the Game Design Showdown.

Votes are in, and the winner is...

Sand Castles by dobnarr with 9 votes!


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