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Back to those darn dueling wizards

Last we left our hero he was distracted from his broken wizard dueling game by a game design contest and a pending submission. (see: the last several posts)

Now that these things are dealt with its time for him to revisit his favorite broken game; Order of the Wand!!!

To recap;

There had been the Ultra Verbose version with everything but the kitchen sink that testers agreed was too slow and the extra elements took away from the core mechanic of the game; casting spells. It also had some weird effects due to sinking the player’s time lines to each other. That element was potentially cool but very confusing.

Then there had been the ultra-stripped down game with just spell casting to get the main mechanic working properly. It works but it’s a bit thin.

So now we go back in the direction of the original adding the board back in so that we can have area effect spells and player movement.

Since my best testers are not able to meet with me often because of timing or geographical issues I have decided to make a Vassal test version. It’s been a long time since I have made a Vassal module so I suspect I won’t have it done before thanksgiving.

Next time: what went wrong and what went right


Mage Wars

That sounds cool and like everybody's dream game! :) I think I thought of so many ways to make it cool just to end up with something that already exists in a better way... I think it is important to be very "different" than existing titles especially if they are successful!
I hope you do better!

And I think you are aware of "Mage Wars"?
Wish you good luck!

Several years back I actually

Several years back I actually met with someone that was helping develop Mage Wars to compare them to make sure they were significantly different.

Once we get to beta testing i may post for help with further testing.

Difference is not always the key

I just wanted to add that sometimes being different is not the intention of the designer. Some designers design enjoy fostering a *sense* of familiarity. Take for example myself, I currently have two (2) games that as "mash-ups".

And for my part, I don't choose OBSCURE games. I mash popular and familiar games. Take "Tradewars - Homeworld": one part Dominion, one part San Juan and one part Magic: the Gathering. For "V For Victory!": one part Pandemic, one part Risk and one part Clue...

So sometimes it's worth *recycling* mechanics found in other games!

Real world similarities are for example "Duel Masters" and "Magic: the Gathering". Arguably MOST CCGs/TGCs are similar in nature.


The issue was gimmicks. I had told a friend that I had a wizards dueling game with a clever gimmick. He immediately requested to see it because he was worried that I had put spell books in my game, Mag Wars gimmick. It turned out that the two games were only similar in theme.

To Wand or not to Wand!

Dralius wrote:
The issue was gimmicks.

Maybe your WAND can be a fancy STYLUS?!?! LOL. Another go round with Golem Arcana... And micro dotting technology.

Is it just me or should every game now use a STYLUS!!! LOL.

I had to look up Golem Arcana

I had to look up Golem Arcana i had never heard of it. No tech in this one, the wand are wood or at least look like wood :)


Don't tell me you want to include Chinese Chopsticks in your game now?! LOL

I get it, a gimmick that's not too pricey and is mostly intended for a younger audience. I don't think older gamers will care that you have included a wooden (or plastic) wand for casting...

Picture Harry Poter without ANY EFFECT.

I don't know if I am for or against the chopsticks. BUT I think a STYLUS and some iPad/Tablet integration would be AWESOME. That kind of *stick* could go a long way in making your game stand out.

The other option is to WRITE on the cards themselves (use plastic cards) and you can place HEXES or CURSES on the cards. Like "A" (Total Anarchy), when cast has "this effect..." Another player can COUNTER with a "Z" (Zen Garden), when cast counter the "A" spell...

Something COOL like that would also be AWESOME for your game. Just some quick ideas... I don't think I like the Chopsticks - but plastic cards with the possibility of writing on them (and erasing) is pretty novel (IMHO).

Good luck with your game David!

Update: I wanted to say using "Letters" and "Numbers" for hexes/curses/spells could be really good for a younger crowd. Like say someone places the "Total Anarchy" HEX on an opponent's card and uses like 3 Mana (so he writes "A3"). If in a group, an opponent can reduce the effect to "2" to he erases the "3" and writes a "2", etc.

questccg wrote:Don't tell me

questccg wrote:
Don't tell me you want to include Chinese Chopsticks in your game now?! LOL.

That's chinese wands to you sir.

There is a mechanic with the wands. They are not just for looks.

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