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Learning Self Promotion

As necessary as I think it is I still have a hard time promoting the games I make. It’s not that I don’t believe they are good games, I certainly do. It’s more a matter of how to go about it. I’m always happy to teach people one of my games which I think is the best advertising in the world. The problem with that is when I’m doing that I’m not designing the next great game. Demoing is time consuming.
Point in fact: I have been asked to write a designers diary at BGG for the game SNAG, the winner of Blue Panther LLC’s small games contest. I can certainly do this but im having trouble making the story interesting. This condensed version goes like this.
1. I saw a contest and decided to enter.
2. I had a hard time coming up with a strategy game that fit the format, at least 1 die, 30 to 60 cards, fits in a small box, and 30 min or less, so I broke out of my usual design turf and did a party game which was surprisingly easy compared to doing strategy games. The game worked from its first iteration and only required tweaking.
3. I entered it despite the fact that Blue Panther doesn’t, or at least at that time didn’t publish party games.
4. To my surprise I won.
Even with filling in all the details it’s a short story and that’s fine. Facts are facts and that’s the easy part. What’s hard is the spin. I need to sell the fact that the game is indeed fun without coming across to egotistical. That I don’t know how to do but I guess it’s time to learn.


I recommend talking about

I recommend talking about some of the fun interactions that came up inside your playtesting. Anecdotal evidence of your games awesomeness should showcase it without coming across as boasting.

Some of the conflict in your story can be centered around breaking out from your comfort zone of strategy games and going in a new direction - and the positive realization of that gamble.

To show more humility - if you are privy to such information - you can also discuss the high quality of your competition.

I hope some of that helps!

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