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My first adventure board game

Hello everyone,
I've been working on this game for a while. Start with a group of 4-5 heroes, defend the city, fight your way to the dungeon. After beating the third dungeon, you win the game. Though the starting characters are pretty standard, the dynamic of the group is something different.

I mostly just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I'll talk more about my game in the days to come.


Welcome to! Enjoy your stay.

Glad you finally made it! BTW did you change your Password??? I hope you did, because I don't want any users using Temporary Passwords for their account!

Anyhow now that the Password issue is resolved we hope that you present to us further your designs and what you've been working on.



..and welcome to BGDF. :)

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your first adventure game!


Welcome to bgdf.


I did, I will, and thank you

I did, I will, and thank you very much


Welcome to this forum.
Enjoy your stay :)

Welcome. Good luck with your game

Welcome. Good luck with your game

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