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The Offensive Band Name Generator

I am going to *shamelessly* plug Robert Burke's "The Offensive Band Name Generator" (TOBNG).

TOBNG is a *party* game for people who like music. It's also for people who have dirty minds and like laughing over some light-hearted comedy... I recently purchased a copy based on the successful Kickstarter for the game.

If you find the reviews interesting and like the concept, here is the The Game Crafter (TGC) link for the game:

You can pickup the game for $19.99 + Shipping. At that price the game is a steal. Obviously if you check the Accolades, the game has sold a STUNNING amount of times.

Anyhow this is my *shameless* plug for TOBNG!!!


FREE promotion

BTW Robert Burke did not pay me to post this plug, I just felt that the game was worthy of merit and decided myself to mention it (for the other designers and gamers who may be interested)!

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