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Step back. Listen. Redouble efforts.

After all the comments, I managed to take everything that was said and boil it together for the kickstarter page. Just this Sunday, I got my 90-min consultation with IGA about the Dungeon Brawl kickstarter page. Some suggestions were reaffirmed, others were new. I ended up scrapping the minis idea. That dropped the fund mark a lot. The tiers for funding is bare bones now. Lots of pictures.

I've hired my friends to run the booth at Strategicon this coming weekend as I am still working away from home on that government project. I have secured a spot at WonderCon as well. I've got shirts made which I'm giving out and super excited about. Hopefully I can create enough buzz before the new March 30th launch date.

I haven't heard anything from my reviewers yet. I'm on pins and needles waiting for something like "video's ready". That just gave me a thought: Boardgamegeek advertising? Should I even bother. I hear just negative things about it.


Glad to hear that you are

Glad to hear that you are reacting to feedback! This is absolutely crucial skill to succeed.
I wish you good luck and remember - only launch when everything is ready, not when you “have” to launch.

Definitely a smart move

Definitely a smart move nixing the minis. Are you still editing the video?

Advertising is about planning

Firstly you don't want to be "advertising" (paying for spot ads) unless your game is ALREADY on Kickstarter. You'll take note of Arty good advertising campaign, he paid for advertising on KickTraq (don't know the exact dates - but...)

Something like Week #2 he was on KickTraq and then Week #3 he was on BGG.

You want to spend money when it makes sense. First you've got to make sure you have people to "advertise" to. And what this means is that you need to get enough backers in the first 48 hours (from 33% to 50%) if you expect your KS campaign to be successful.

When you get the backers ... then you can start advertising for MORE!

But don't do it before the campaign. Before what you should be focusing on is getting 2 to 3 reviews, Arty went a bit "crazy" and I think he has 5 reviews! Those are really valuable for two (2) reasons:

1. They give the viewers or readers something to look forward to. They'll recognize the "Dungeon Brawl" Branding.

2. If positive, it paints the game as something worthwhile having and backing. Future KS backers have opinions about the game.

Another point, is if you get reviews from UK, USA, Canada and say Germany, you're influencing the "exposure" of your game to be "International". As this will help with the community-building. Your game getting backers from around the world is about DOUBLE the USA volume.

So think about more reviews (Blogs and Videos) and then when your KS is on... if there is a NEED for more advertising using BGG and KickTraq.



Thanks, Kobold.

Yes, Diaz, fixing the video is still in the works every Sunday.

Thanks for the advice, Quest. I'll look into Kicktraq and hold off until the launch. I have 4 reviewers left. High Voltage, Father Geek, Tantrum House, and Man vs Meeple. I'm going to e-mail them to see when they will be releasing their videos/articles. I don't know of any international reviewers. If you can point me in the direction of some you may think would be viable, I'd really appreciate it.

Cool. I look forward to

Cool. I look forward to seeing the update and the upcoming reviews.

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