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Tradewars - Homeworld: Roles (revisited)

During some of the playtests, I received some feedback that "veteran" players seemed "at odds" with the sequential turn order. Some felt that it gave some players an advantage to go first. And I thought it gave players who go LAST even more of an advantage...

So Joe thought up of the brilliant idea to have turn order be decided by the Role you choose (like in Citadels by FFG). Roles are marked 9 to 0. Nine (9) being the highest and Zero (0) being the lowest. That's when we introduced the Premium Role cards and the cards that will soon have renderings of real-life people who decided to participate in our Exclusive Facebook Contest! (See

As it stands today, the Premium Role cards are supposed to be Stretch Goals for our Kickstarter campaign. What it really means - IF people really LIKE the game, we're all for investing in more artwork. BUT this is only IF people really like the game. Our KS target goal is $15k. With this we produce all the artwork required by the game - using dupplicates of cards. At $20k, $+5k we can afford to make ALL artwork CUSTOM. A little can go a long way! :) Our $30k goal ($+10k) means that the basic game will include an exclusive Player Mat that helps players determine where to place their cards (it's really another idea Joe had - and I agree a MAT would be real nice... Especially a mat that folds). We've added another small milestone for $35k ($+5k) which is better card stock.

And then comes the $45k ($+10k) Stretch Goal for Premium Role cards. To be honest, I doubt we will reach this goal... But no worries, the Premium Role cards will appear in a subsequent Expansion. So as long as we achieve our basic target of $15k... There will be AT LEAST one (1) Expansion for the game! And maybe those cards will make their appearance in that one... MAYBE.

We're all FOR making the Premium Role cards - it's just a matter of sync-ing when they will appear. We want "regular" gamers who have had experience with our game say: "Hey - this is a cool variant, it changes up the game a little bit - in a positive way!"

So we will see what Backers have to say... IF they really like the game - maybe the turn-order role variant may be part of the First Edition of the game... Otherwise if we reach our primary goal - perhaps then it will be part of an expansion - further down the road!

Cheers everybody!



I'll let you all know WHEN we are going to have the Kickstarter.

Currently the plan is for Early March... But nothing is set in stone - yet!

Tradewars - Homeworld Caught my Attention!

Hey questccg. Was looking through the artwork page and saw the card design for one of your current (major) projects, Tradewars - Homeworld. The game is really coming along, and the design directions you're taking for your cards look fantastic. I haven't had time yet to really learn the internal aspects of your game, but wanted to let you know that I'll be watching the development of Tradewars, and I wish you the best of luck. I don't get on FB (or I'd enter into your contest), but I'll be watching for the Kickstarter page and looking for future posts about your game.

Best of luck!

Careful with the role

Careful with the role selection though. It may drastically increase the game time.

Role Selection


Great comment - that's definitely an area we've playtested to ensure that it remains fast.


Sequential turn order

So Joe's idea about having the turn order be decided by the Role you choose (like in Citadels by FFG) is going to be a "game variant" that will be added to the 2nd Expansion. The base game will use a sequential turn order.

Obviously if you read my blog, you will get information way ahead of what the consumer will ever get!

Where we are and where we want to go - well that's two different places...

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