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TradeWorlds: The "Beefy, Little" Box

I just received the latest prototype from Print & Play Games (An AdMagic Company) ... and the box came with a "surprise": a medium sized 8" x 8" box...

This box is slightly smaller than our product (which is 10" x 10") but never the less, once all the components and cards have been placed in the "little" box (I say little because it looks a bit "small-ish" in stature).

But don't be fooled... The box with all the content is VERY "Beefy" (I say that because the box is pretty "heavy" ... more than I expected from 520 cards and some dice + tokens).

If this box (or the production box) will be on store shelves, when you pick it up... You immediately feel like this is a "quality" production because the content is not "insignificant".

Add to this that I spent 6 hours sorting and sleeving cards for the box. It took a lot of time and effort to sift through all the cards and be certain there were no omissions (in terms of cards).

I'm definitely please with what we've produced so far... Almost there to the production version that is ready to be made...



Nice! Got any previews?

Nice! Got any previews?

I'll work on that on Saturday!

JewellGames wrote:
Nice! Got any previews?

I'll take some pictures on Saturday and post them up. I'm visiting my cousin and her husband has a nice camera and they have a very large wooden table to take the pictures on...

Soon, I'll post some pictures about the prototype and its box.


520 cards! Yes, 10 decks is a

520 cards! Yes, 10 decks is a lot of weight!

The part where you got a box smaller than your game, not so great. Are they correcting the error?

I can't wait until I get a

I can't wait until I get a copy on one of them.

But with all that weight. Is the shipping cost covered?

It's about 2 lbs worth of

It's about 2 lbs worth of cards, putting it in the same weight class as my Heroes & Treasure.. I thought that was a good weight.. hefty, but not heavy.

Beefy and not "heavy"

Jay103 wrote:
520 cards! Yes, 10 decks is a lot of weight!

Yes I was surprised about how "heavy" (well not too heavy) ... but still a significant weight. It's not like some game boxes which are HUGE but when you lift them, they weigh next to nothing (think miniature games).

Jay103 wrote:
The part where you got a box smaller than your game, not so great. Are they correcting the error?

Everything fits in the 8" x 8" box (it was a bit of a squeeze)... But the production box will have a Vac Tray so the box needs to be BIGGER. And with the wells, it also needs to be deeper (something like 2.5" or 2.75" instead of only 2"...) Production should be 10" x 10" x 2.5" (or 2.75").

As far as errors are concerned, YES they are supposed to look through all of them and correct them. The earlier the better. If we want to keep some of our "own" internal deadlines, it means that those errors need to be fixed ASAP. But Mike has a very busy schedule, so I hope he has some free time and we fall on rainy weather! ;)


Preview — Took the pictures today

Here they are, the "unboxing" of the cool/mini prototype:

Sorry about image #4 (the Score Pads)... After all the pictures this was the only picture I had to work with and that's what I was able to put together.

I know it looks sort of "funny" next to the other 3 pictures which leave very little room on the sides.

It really looks pretty cool... And that's a real photo of the box... So it pretty much looks like all the renderings and photoshop files.


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