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Waiting to see

Minion Games had Nitro Dice for sale at GENCON as well as demoing it in the evening. So far the only new comment at BGG is from someone that demoed it and decided it wasn’t for him.

I’m eager to see a full fledged review but I’ll likely have to wait for at least a few days if not longer until people get together with their gaming groups to play what they brought back from the show. I know when I get a new game it is often moths before I get a chance to play, sometimes much longer. I hope I don’t have to wait months.

P.S. I thought I was going to get interviewed by a newspaper about the game but the reporter never showed up on Saturday which was very disappointing. Turns out he is going to submit his questions by e-mail once he has played the game. This suites me fine since I can give more thought to the response. That and live interviews make me nervous. You would think after 2 or 3 I would be accustom to it but I’m not.


BGG activity for Grave

BGG activity for Grave Business was higher/more positive from Origins than it was from GenCon as well- and it wasn't even available for sale at Origins, I was just running demos. Hopefully some reviews will go up soon-ish and bring more eyes onto both of them :)

In retrospect, I regret not saying "if you enjoyed it, please rate/post on BGG :)" after all my demos. I'm such a bad salesman >_<

LOL, I did remind the team to

LOL, I did remind the team to do that... anyway, I've sent out about 5 or so copies of all the games to reviewers and handed out a few at GenCon so we'll have to wait and see.. From our first round of games I think that meant about a month with more trickling in later.

Still the buz about all our games was great... so I hope to see BGG reports sooner rather then later.


and this was great even if i

and this was great even if i was near the end of the list 7:18


I watched some of the video... And then skipped to the "near end" and landed EXACTLY on your game! :)

Nitro Dice was finally given a review

The full version of Nitro Dice was finally given a review.

The author focuses mostly on the rules of the game explaining how the game works rather than how it feels to play.

Overall he gave its fair marks for everything but felt it excelled in player interaction and replay value.

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