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Help with cards.

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Joined: 07/20/2013

I am new here so sorry if this is the wrong forum.

i am needing to design cards for my board game, i am planning on having them the same size as standard TCG card IE magic or pokemon.

the thing i need is a pre made image of just the outline of the card at the correct size so i can just drop my artwork and text into the outline, and just print it off.

I have the full adobe master suite so softwares not an issue. preferably a vector as i prefer to work in illustrator.

i have tried searching google but didnt get what i was after. it needs to be the right size so when i print them off they are all correct and can be cut out and used.

i am going for this size so they can easily put in deck protector sleeves.

Joined: 04/30/2013
this is dependent on the

this is dependent on the paper you intend to print on. im assuming it is for a prototype thus a conventional printer, most likely A4 size paper, do clarify this if i am wrong.

even using yugioh size cards, an A4 page can fit 9 cards. using a pokemon size card is quite a waste, from my experience it can only fit 6 per A4 page.

your competency in illustrator alone should make, making your own template possible. all you have to do it lay the, card proxy/completed cards, on a canvas the size of the paper you are printing on

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I'd also recommend to take

I'd also recommend to take the time needed to prepare your card template carefully. Use different layers for different parts of the cards, it's extra important to have text and stats in a layer of its own. That way you can temporarily hide the other layers and focus only on text updates when those are needed.

Another tip is to make the background for your cards slightly bigger than they are supposed to (bleed) and add cutmarks to guide you when cutting them. This will make sure you don't get white streaks at the side of the cards.

I've done this for several prototypes, and my experience say that cutting corners here will only give you more job later on, so make sure the template include everything you need in the right places.

Joined: 07/20/2013
i was hoping for a pre-gen

i was hoping for a pre-gen template but i guess ill just make one myself, thats no issue.

also i know all about bleed as i am currently studying a graphic design course.
i was hoping to use the template as an overprint but i guess its not too hard to scan in a card and trace it to get the size, or live trace it or what ever i need.

i wont be worrying too much about the artwork and how it looks at this point, i just need some basics so i can actually print some stuff out and have a few basic play tests to see how my rules mesh.

once thats done and the games working ok ill be focusing on the art side of things.

this is my first attempt at actually making a BG so i am a little daunted but i am trying not to focus too much on the final product i atm am just wanting to lay down the rules and mechanics and find the kinks and what works and what doesn't.

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is it really that hard to use

is it really that hard to use a ruler and measure it out yourself, even if you are concerned with proper dimensions of a card, it can be found with a simple search, im sure youll get several results with the keywords "playing card sizes". some print-on-demand sites provide templates if you really are intent on using a pre-made template

are you not cutting out the cards yourself with a paper cutter or even a pen knife? that sort of eliminates the bleed area problem since your cut will be controlled even if it is eratic. again i say, i am assuming this is for prototype purposes, correct me if i am wrong

if all you were concerned about was printing usable stuff, even microsoft word would have been good enough to make a prototype with. if you do not need multiple identical copies of a card, or if your cards have very little information that they are easily replicated, you could have just got blank name cards or index cards and write on them with marker

i think your problem is more on prototyping methods than prototype production, this will have to be analysed further with more information on your game. producing a paper prototype in initial stages should not take more than 2 days IMO

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The game crafter

Here are their templates, maybe also a good resource for nice printing your prototypes:

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Make it yourself

It takes about 1 minute to measure the card, go into illustrator and select the square tool, click on the screen and input the size for "h" and "w", and then copy and paste them onto your canvas. If you want rounded corners just use the rounded square tool.

I make them all the time.

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this is essentially what i

this is essentially what i did.

but what i don t get now is why i am getting so much hostility towards me over a simple bloody question.

nice way of making new members feel welcome and actually want to come back.
if i wanted condescending answers i would have asked on yahoo.

Joined: 04/30/2013
mostly because this is a

mostly because this is a simply solved problem, even more so for someone who has experience in a graphic tool.

Joined: 07/20/2013
i was trying to save myself

i was trying to save myself some time and effort by working with a template that i hoped would be available.
height and width are easy. i want my corners to be the same as the ones on my magic cards as i like the design.

They don't need to be but i wanted them to be.

I was simply trying to save myself some time.

but in the end i got more trouble then help.
Just because what i wanted i could have made my self still doesn't justify the rudeness that was sent my way.

I just hope there are nicer more helpful people on this forum and i was just given a bad first impression.

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Use these...

okottekoneko wrote:
height and width are easy. i want my corners to be the same as the ones on my magic cards as i like the design.

Just remember that when you get the cards printed at a printer (like The Game Crafter or another), they will be the ones rounding the corners (according to their die). You need to provide bleed around the card itself and as such the cards you upload to the printer will not have any rounded corners.

Just worry about getting the right size (2.5" x 3.5"):

Here are a few templates for various programs (for Poker cards). If you want to not have the bleed, just TRIM the shape to match the cards actual size (2.5" x 3.5").

Joined: 04/30/2013
your question was not specific enough

in that case your concern is not in a template but a corner cutter. part of the problem is because you were not clear about your problem, not specific enough about it.

to everyone else including myself, your question sounded like someone who was too lazy to arrange a few rectangles, when your real intention was to ask about rounded corners i guess.

in anycase, some clarifications are due. a rounded corner is part of the bleed area, not within it. a template only gives general dimensions and not minor details like rounded corners. HERES THE TOOL YOU ARE LOOKING FOR:

a small one, tedious but gets the job done:

or a big one, industrial and probably very expensive:

but a rounded corner is never concerned with in a prototype, it is reserved for the final product. it is wasted effort since a prototype is constantly changing. for cards you will be constantly making new ones with every change to your design, are you going to round off the corners everytime you make a new prototype?

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