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Bindle Rails

Early Prototype

I've been working on this game for a while. It is Print and Play, plays similar to PocketCiv and is modeled after a number of games below. I still need to refine rules and produce a quick play document and prettier graphics, but it is now a playable public prototype. Comments welcome.

The game is meant to fit in a small space, be easy to print out and relatively quick to pick up. There are several options in each hand where you have resources to dedicate to building routes, manipulating the stock of other companies or investing in technology. Once you have spent your hand, events are drawn and resolved. Wash, rinse and repeat x5 for six turns. You have to take your railroad from the East Coast to Chicago or St. Louis (and pick up other goals along the way). That's the basic idea.

"Players: 1.
Assembly Time: 15-20 minutes - Card stock recommended (or regular paper with clear plastic sheet protectors)
Setup Time: 2 minutes.
Playing Time: 20-30 minutes.
Ages: 10 and up.

This game is modeled heavily after other print and play games available freely on the internet, namely PocketCiv and Zombie In My Pocket, among others. It also borrows a little bit from the 18XX series of games in terms of finance and a little bit of Ticket To Ride in terms of goals and tickets. The element of events and turn order borrows from PocketCiv. Finally, the card management is inspired heavily from 1960: The Making of a President."

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