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Dice + RPS combat system

I have changed the combat system severely. It was boring and entirely based on luck. The original intention for this game was "a decision before the dice were rolled as well as after". I like it because there is control, but just enough where players have to use what they've got in the best way possible.

The way it works is attacker rolls two dice, and picks the highest die, passes the one not used to the defender and they roll the die making it so each player has one die.

The attacker and defender will place their die secretly on any one of the three strengths on their clan card: intellect, might, and agility. Each clan will have a modifier on each one of the strengths. For example: the Dystop clan has a +4 Intellect, a +0 Might, and a +1 Agility modifier.

After both players secretly choose where their die will be placed (attacker places the die immediately after he rolls before the defender rolls) they will reveal to each other their decision. There will be three rolls and three reveals in a combat sequence.

Each strength has a focus, lack, and aligned relationship with other strengths: Intellect is focused against Agility, Agility is focused against Might, and Might is focused against Intellect. Focus is when your choice is on a strength pointing towards the other players' choice (arrows shown on character card). Aligned is when your choices are the same. Lack is when your choice is on a strength with the player pointing at you.

Three possibilities for rolls and reveal.

Attacker Focus = HIT + reward
Defender Focus = Critical Miss
Attacker and Defender Aligned = Miss (Critical Miss if defenders' die roll is higher)

After the combat sequence you will check to see how many hits and how many misses/critical misses:

One HIT only = gain +2 honor and exhaust defender
Two+ HIT's = gain +2 honor, choose a reward, exhaust defender
One Critical Miss only = exhaust attacker
Two+ Critical Miss = exhaust attacker and -1 honor to attacker

When the attacker HITs, they add the die with the modifier to make the reward. When you play you must remember your rewards for if you get at least two hits you can choose which reward to take. Rewards accumulate so if you gain two hits on the same strength you may add the total reward.

One aspect that adds a bit of meta game to this is that each strength, if HIT with, will grant you a unique reward:

A reward with Intellect will allow you to discard one card from the defenders' resources and place it as a resource for every three that can go into the reward number.

A reward with Might allows you to decrease the defender's honor (victory points) for every two that can go into the reward number.

A successful struggle with Agility will allow you to move one space for every two that can go into the reward number in the same direction. You may commit to a Settlement this way.


This is what I have so far. It is simple, interesting, and does not seem like a separate entity within the game. It connects to the game through the damage options. These damage options coupled with the modifiers make the decisions much more interesting an rewarding.

Try it out with a couple of dice and some sample modifiers and tell me what you think!


Big Update

Pretty big update on the combat system.

A little more book keeping but allows for deeper play. Seeing as how the rolls go quick, keeping track of the rewards won't be a problem I don't think.

Every roll players have an interesting choice to make as opposed to the other combat system where the defender could prevent someone from choosing a certain strength or winning a certain strength by staying on the same strength. Now, since rewards accumulate, the defender has to be careful not to stay in one place.

Plus if the defender is not looking to get that critical miss the attacker will go home scotch free and is able to terrorize the countryside. Exhausting the attacker is essential for the defender.

I like RPS too...

I have a new design "Archon: Circlet of the Heavens" which is using an RPS-5 to reveal "Partial Information" about the cards played on the table.

Basically what I have done is divide an RPS-5 into five (5) RPS-3 triplets.

Much like your Might/Agility/Intellect. So you know that the card is ONE (1) of three colors (in my game it's question of colors). Like: Red beats Green, Green beats Blue and Blue beats Red.

What this means is that you can play ONE (1) of these three colors hoping you beat your opponent... OR you can play Black which beats both Red and Blue! And have better odds!!! But if he chose Green he would beat Black... So you're never 100% certain but you can play the odds. Sort of a mind game with each card you play.

And if you choose White which beats Green, it is beaten by BOTH Red and Blue. So a risky play... But if your opponent chose Green, you could choose Red which is beaten by Blue...

As you can see... There is a lot of thinking perhaps even "out-thinking"! LOL

And since this is a Deck-Construction game, where you build your deck before a duel... I have optimally analysed that three (3) colors per deck is the ideal. You may add one card from another color - but it's sort of risky.

But yeah RPS systems are cool...


I have started to tweak the combat system a bit. Before it seemed as though the defender was heavily favored as there was no way the attacker could get what they wanted even by bluffing. So, I tried making the end result of just winning almost better than getting the bonus. This prevents the defender from just staying on the same strength.

For example: the defender doesn't want to lose any honor so he will always keep his die on his Might strength to block any potential bests. Thats fine, but if you keep this up the attacker will catch on an win, gaining 3 honor and disabling your hero (you only have four so it is a big deal!).

I added the option for the attacker to chose between hitting low and hitting high because before the attacker would always take the higher one and it wasn't showing its full potential. So instead, the attacker can choose to keep a high number with a slant towards the defender winning, or choose the lower number to possibly gain an advantage against the defender.

I've been tinkering with an

I've been tinkering with an RPS combat system myself for about a year now. I must say, this is a novel mechanic. Very cool!

Thank you!

I appreciate the encouragement. I am still tinkering with it though so that every combat is interesting and balanced between each strength.

I can tell, you put thought into this one.

Players can keep their opponent guessing. And a strategy can be chosen as well, by aiming for one of the bonus effects.
Multiple path's are possible, as long as the players knows how to bluff their opponent. Correct?
Simple and with great depth, I like it.

I like the concept of

I like the concept of choosing how to use your die roll, and having different results based on which of your 3 attributes causes the win.

But I'm kind of lost on how the rps part ties in with the die roll. If agility bests might, what happens if I place a die on agility and the other player puts their die on might? Do I automatically win? What does my die result have to do with it? Can a high # die on might beat a low # on agility? Also, what exactly triggers a modifier on my attribute? Do both players have to choose the same attribute for modifiers to kick in, or is it triggered when I put a die result on it?


When you best the other player and the result that follows depends on whether you are the defender or the attacker. You will never gain any of the bonus damage options as the defender. As the defender you are looking to block all three attacks. If you best the defender you win the struggle and calculate the bonus.

The die roll is for the calculation of the bonus. When you win you will add the modifier of the strength you are on and calculate how much of a bonus you incur.

I tested that idea of retaliation of the higher roll winning, but it ended up being too luck based.

I believe the answer to your last question is that the modifiers do not change the value of the die in order to win the struggle, it is merely for the bonus.

If you have any suggestions please give some input. Still in the developing stage.

Makes sense now, thanks guys!

Makes sense now, thanks guys!

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