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A stroll through the Wicked West

So I have recently started to design my own card games which I am hoping will be played and enjoyed by many people. I am wanting to create games for the shear joy of creating them, I would, like all game designer,s like to get them published.

The game I am currently working on is called a stroll through the Wicked West. The game is what I am calling a Board card game (until I get a better name). The Idea behind this is that its a board game in the sense you roll a dice and move through the game, But the game will only use cards to make up the board. Players will shuffle and set the decks up, then lay them out.A gang will move through the cards until the end and the gang with the most money wins. But when the dice is rolled the cards are turned over this represents the amount of spaces moved.

I have a website dedicate to tracking my process in this endeavourer I hope that comments and feed back will help the game advance.

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