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Be on The Lookout

Be on the lookout for:


DockFighters from 3Dartlab.

I was asked back on 3/9/2022 to help out edit DockFighters pdf game rules.

This morning, 3/16/2022 from 12:30 am to 4:10 am, I finally finished editing the rules for 3DartLab.

Back on 12/25/2021, the game developer had also asked me to help edit their other game titled,"Space Kraken". 3DartLab is still working on the rules from what I gathered, but their game Space Kraken has already been play tested earlier in the year 2021.

Hidden Stares

Yesterday I have started to work on a new game project titled Hidden Stares at 3:25 am and my nephew Connor is my co-designer for this latest project. This is my 33rd game design for my collection.

Genre / Theme : Mystery Horror Card Game, puzzle, story driven.

Mechanic : First Person perspective walk through on cards. Some dice actions will be involved.

I already plan to have a second game continuation for this project.

Stay tuned for more updates for my latest project: Hidden Stares.


Nov 27, 2021 Dymino Monsters Update

From 2am to 8:27 am

I wrote down the last 11 small backstories to the Toy Master Works. The twelfth backstory was written a year ago.

In this post, I'm just showcasing the classification and Gemstones (birthstones).

1: Carneleos
Fourth in Command
Gemstone: Carnelian
Classification: Biomedical Engineer
Gender: Female
Race: Human

2: Perileos
Third in Command
Gemstone: Peridot
Classification: Mycologist
Gender: Male
Race: Human

3: Emeraleos
Fifth in Command
Gemstone: Emerald
Classification: Orinthologist
Gender: Female
Race: Human

4: Carbuleos

November 6, 2021 Dymino Monsters Update

The last 2 1/2 hours I've been writing and working on the Dymino Monsters: Book of Knowledge booklet.

I'm currently on page 7.

Page 7 is in chapter 2.

Chapter 2 : Emotional Dwellers , Emotional Reflection , Points of Interest.

There are 9 chapters left to fill in. It will be a couple of weeks before its complete.

That's it for now.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Nov 5, 2021 Dymino Monsters Update

Diesel Punk character sets have been bagged with 10 gems each for health points, food system prototype cards which have already been made and drawn in January 12-18 2021, 9 combo breaker cards (not drawn yet), and each 4 level weapon skill technique abilities cards that only have 28 cards each (no skills written yet).

Why 28?

28 cards represent the first 28 tiles of a double six domino set and the first 28 monster encounters core deck.

And 4 character cards each for ranking up.

October 16, 2021 update

Dymino Monsters Transportation cards

Ladies and gentlemen: here are all of the 8 factions transportation cards. I just completed cutting the last four factions 30 minutes ago.

Minotaurians and Safarono factions do not have Transportation units.

Blue Protectors faction only has land Transportation.

Gray Dominators faction only has land Transportation.

Warriors of Osconia only has land and air Transportation.

Wicker Tangle faction only has land Transportation.

The only faction that has text in the picture provided: Flowers of The North.

September 30, 2021 Update

The following categories for the prototype cards text but no point system have been completed.

Caldeanna Sept 23, 2021
Monterello Sept 24, 2021
Safarono Sept 24, 2021
TriiDor Empire Sept 25, 2021
Minotaurians Sept 25, 2021
Trueheart Sept 25, 2021
King Dehm Sept 25, 2021

The point system will have the double 12 domino set.

The 12 Gem Stone categories has been titled:

Dymino Monsters: Trials and Tribulations

Each gem stone category will be a chapter deck.

The Gem stone categories point system will have the double 12 domino set with added points from 100 through 600.

September 18, 2021

I just completed the 2 prototype core decks to send to Logan Chops board and Card game reviewer.

It will have to wait until this Monday, since it's my only day off from work.

Cant wait to see what they think.



The reviewer has been updated since last Saturday of me sending him the cards and he has seen the decks in our group messenger at 1:04 am September 18, 2021.

September 13, 2021 update

The last few days have been busy at our pizza shop and I was exhausted so I went home after work and went straight to bed. The plan was to keep working on the last 10 chapter decks to be close to be finished with the prototype cards.

So, I'm rested and today is my day and I will plan to move slowly through out the week 1 prototype deck a night instead of 2 a night or actually the we hours of the morning like I did last week and the previous week of working my tail off as it were to get done.

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