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September 13, 2021 update

The last few days have been busy at our pizza shop and I was exhausted so I went home after work and went straight to bed. The plan was to keep working on the last 10 chapter decks to be close to be finished with the prototype cards.

So, I'm rested and today is my day and I will plan to move slowly through out the week 1 prototype deck a night instead of 2 a night or actually the we hours of the morning like I did last week and the previous week of working my tail off as it were to get done.

Large update

On December 7, 2020 I will be giving you all another large update for Dymino Monsters.

Stay tuned.

Bows respectively;


Constellation List for Dymino Monsters

The list was completed last night 10-17-2020 and I have drawn 14 new drawings. Here is the that list:

Brand New Update:
So today I am going to share with you all the entire list of Constellations and even pictures of those Constellations.

Dymino Monsters:
1: Boat
2: Hydras
3: River Kail
4: Chameleon
5: Southern Cross
6: False Cross
7: Wolf
8: Southern Crown
9: Archer
10: Telescope
11: Mirror - A
12: Mirror - B
13: Eastern Cross
14: Eastern Crown
15: Lyphe
16: Flyght
17: Change
18: Morning Star / Evening Star
19: Opsis
20: Grace

My Heart of The Knight game


Heart of the Knight

On April 4, 2020, I had designed a solitaire puzzle game with 12 cards and 1 knight miniature. I sent out 10 of those games to friends and family. Of those friends, they are game designers and author.

July 6, 2020

My nephew and his teacher were at my nephew's grand parents house for dinner.

The teacher had asked my nephew if I had come up with any new games. My nephew replied ,"Yes, in fact he has. I'll show you after dinner".

My nephew had told his teacher how to play the game. He played twice and asked my nephew, "Do you think your uncle will copy some more games?"

Collection of my designs

All games are mine - Jesse F.
For my Twin Eagle Graphics Independent Game Studio.

No games are published yet.

Knight's Adventure 1994-1996 (Knights Adventure has been added to my Dymino Monsters game as a location)

Quiet Terror 1999 - 2020

Typhoon Fighters 1999 version 1.0 now 2004 Dymino Monsters 2004 - 2020 version 2.0 of Typhoon Fighters

Connection Sections 2002
Connection Sections: Deluxe 2002

Muddy Flats Country Golf Card Game 2003

Travel Dice Baseball: August 6, 2006

Beat The Suits (Solitaire Game) 2006

Tornado Speed: Race A Go Go 2011


I just added some more hand drawn isometric play mats to the artwork file.

I have more to design for the upcoming novel franchises. Not published yet of course.

4 more novel sets to go with about 80 more plus chapter (expansion) decks to develop.

This consists of about 5 more years into development for the prototype but the game plays really well. This is why Dymino Monsters epic fantasy rpg game can not be rushed.

I only update the post when another section of the game is complete to be posted.

Dymino Monsters

Dymino Monsters: Duel System Rule Set 1

Dymino Monsters creates by: Jesse F / Stormyknight 1976

This rule set is for players who duel with monster / creature vs. monster / creature encounters.


1: Opponents try to obtain the 9 hex spaces on the field (Playmat) as long as they can.

2: Deplete opponent’s draw pile to zero.

3: Strategize to win both victory conditions.


1: 40 cards (Players are allowed to play with 40 cards of their own deck).
Can be divided for 2 players (20 cards) each.

Six Difficulty Challenge Option

I have talked to my staff members / playtesters about this new idea to be added to Dymino Monsters. They like the idea.

I will be adding six difficulty options for the game. We have five difficulty option titles in place and we are working on a sixth title option.

These options are choosen before game play has started.

These difficulty challenge settings are just like picking how difficult the game plays against the players.

If no difficulty challenge has been picked then the game defaults to a standard story mode campaign.

DM Wicker Tangle Chronicles Monster Encounter Random Pick to Showcase

Dymino Monsters: Monster Encounter Bio from the list of The Wicker Tangle Chronicles:

Well here it is. Our first look inside of one of the many monster encounters some where in the East Region Continents in the world of Dymino Monsters.

Our first random pick of the evening is: Sand Bird.

Name: Sand Bird

Size: Small. Adult.

Height: 5 hands tall.

Wing Span: 3 1/2 feet across.

Habitat: Sandy remote areas. Examples: Beaches, Desert, Forest sand dunes.

Color Scheme: Light Brown, tan and black.

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