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Nightlancer v19 prototype rulebook

I've been apprehensive about making my rulebooks public for a long time, but it's time to get out of my comfort zone. Here it is - the rulebook for v19 of Nightlancer.

I'd welcome any feedback or crits.

Nightlancer prototype rulebook


I've been thinking about a

I've been thinking about a change to the rules of Nightlancer.

It would solve a couple of problems, but would add an extra mechanic.

My question is: Is this an extra feature that will add to the game and just complicate unnecessarily, or is it a case where more features actually makes the game easier to play?

In the current rules:

In the Streets phase, players take it in turns performing actions. They continue doing this until all players pass consecutively You can keep doing actions as long as there are actions you can do.

* The big problem that keeps coming up with this is a LOT of players miss that they can take multiple actions. It's stated in the rules and the summary card that you keep going until everyone passes. But for some reason a lot of people miss this and think you can only take one action. I don't know how to make it clear.
* It's possible that players will have nothing to do at all during this phase. Particularly for a player that has fallen behind or messed up.

My new idea:

Instead of cycling with unlimited actions, i'm thinking of a worker-placement style mechanic. Each players gets "energy points" (working name) that they can spend on action spaces.
So these action spaces would give players access to the normal actions that are in the game. Players would have a set number of them that they can do. There would be extra generic options that players can use even if they can't do anything else.

* Players with nothing else to do would get something to do
* Players with no resources would be able to use the extra generic action spaces to get back in the game
* It would clearly spell out that you get multiple actions
* Players who are in the lead wouldn't be able to get runaway progress, as their number of actions would be capped

* More components and an extra mechanic


This sounds like a good idea to me. More action point allocation than worker placement, I assume? Having a small pile of tokens to spend each round sounds like a solid way to control the flow of play and how much each player can do while also giving some mnemonic help -- particularly if the action spaces you activate have some (graphical or textual) help regarding what happens, so acting as a sort of crib sheet.

You may find that this allows you to remove or simplify some other part of the game.

I think you should definitely at least give this a try.

A single new mechanic that

A single new mechanic that gives the list of advantages that you gave seems like a very good solution! Players want to be able to accomplish something whenever they can, so eliminating those "dead turns" where a player passes because he can do nothing is a pretty important improvement in my opinion.


Good work in putting this up for comment. What sort of feedback are you wanting here? Proofreading? Comprehension? General editorial?

I'm a bit loaded with getting my stuff ready for UKGE at the moment, but I'll see if I can get a copy printed out for me to scrawl on while I'm on the train on Friday morning. Then I can have a chat to you there! Sound OK?

HeyThat would be great!Good


That would be great!

Good question. The main thing I'm looking for is comprehension. Eg areas that don't make sense or contradict, areas where more diagrams would be helpful. Another thing is areas where I say something short with way too many words (this is a mistake I know I make quite a bit).

I'd welcome other feedback too, but comprehension is the big one I'm concerned about.

An area that doesn't need comment is the graphics. It's all just my prototype work, I intend to get everything but the illustrations and title redone professionally.

A nice set of rules

A nice set of rules Seph!

I've made some inline comments. Many are personal preference so feel free to ignore them!

Reading them definitely made me want to play the game - I love your theme :)


No problem. See you up there!

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