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Design, 0 time, accomplish something...

Over the years I have come to the realization that, for me, the hardest part about game design, is my lack of time. As with most people my time seems to just disappear. With all the usual family events or working too much, I find it hard to sit down and make what I would call decent progress on any of my game designs.

And lately I have been attempting to organize my life in general to be more focused and help myself accomplish more in my life.

So I have been pondering a neat little concept called Daily Actions.

hello world

Is this what a blog is for? I've just been pointed toward this site from BGG and don't know my way around. Hello!

8/7 Central - Revisited

A card game for 2 to 4 players in which players control television networks and vie for the attention of the viewing public.

The game is made up of cards. Program cards represent various television programs which you run in your two 1/2 hour time slots each day, Event cards effect the state of the game and Programs in your lineup, Modifiers alter Programs in play, and Advertisements establish Revenue to pay the costs for other cards.

Game play is interactive as you bid against rival networks for Programs and place them in time slots to compete with opposing Programs.

General viewership for Programs is determined by a roll of the dice and tracked throughout the game. As your Programs gain a following, they become more valuable. But watch out! If a Program gets too popular it runs the risk of Jumping the Shark! Attach advertisements to your Programs to generate Revenue when the Program is viewed (when it's number comes up). Program Modifiers temporarily increase the likelyhood of your Programs being viewed, or otherwise make your Programs a little better or opponent's Programs a little worse. Event cards have a lasting effect on the game: altering the state of the game or cards in play.

New Programs become available to bid on each week. With careful choice of Programs and management of Revenue you can come out on top and run your competitors into the ground, blowing their Programs out of the water and stealing their viewers for your own.

Latest Noblemen rules

Here is the latest rules for Noblemen. I have added some pictures and started a page at the end for helping with confusion.

BGDF 3.0 Site underway

At this point BGDf 3.0 is will underway.

Some missing abilities such as PMs have been resolved. With some others such as Image Galleries still let to be resolved. I added in Markdown option so JC would be *happier*. The chat is running via an IRC, which should also make some member happier since they can use 3rd party IRC clients to interact with chat now.

What is left to do? SOOOO much! Need to start porting over content from the current site!

Test blog post #1

I'm testing out the new BGDF 3.0, and it seems pretty cool so far! Dave asked me to try out the blog feature, so here I am.

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