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Play Test

Play test for my new games L33Ts didnt go too well on the weekend.
Mechanics kind of worked but the game ended up in a look where everyone was just claiming money and nothing else was really happening.
The game went over 40 mins and there was simply too many cards and not enough resource tokens (money).
Spent the weekend trying to fix it and it was mostly a re-write.
So spending some of today at work re writing the rules and adjusting a lot of the cards.


150 cards and less.
No tokens or tiles.
Descriptions on cards to be SIMPLE (small sentences and just numbers)

Revisiting Character Boards - Oh my!

Dice vs Bars comparison-256.png

As I sit here prepping files for manufacture, I am looking at the character boards that I *thought* were completed over a month ago and think to myself "what if I change those statistics bars to dice?".

What have I done? lol!

What do you prefer? Bars, 3D Dice or Flat dice?

Ch-Ch-Changes. Pleasing your best audience

*Note: This is kind of a ramble about adapting in business and being open to change.

For any folks that have been patient enough to follow the Pocket Sports journey (thanks by the way), you've seen the style and packaging change from the simple branded & coloured dice pouch to the more retail appropriate tuck box with cards and cubes.

The changeover was on advice from large retailers and people in the games industry a lot longer than I to make a more presentable, secure product to display on shelves for brick & mortar stores. Fair enough.

Auction: Design A Punchout

If you win this auction, you’ll get to work with JT to design a custom laser cut shape that will be available to everybody that uses The Game Crafter. The punchout will have to be something that reasonably more than one person would want, and it will need to fit on the small (3.25" x 5.25"), medium (4.5" x 8"), or large (10.5" x 8.25") punchout slugs we have. The auction ends on May 31st.

PS: If you win this auction, you will be let in on a big super secret, and that secret may influence what you design.

Click here to bid on this auction

Kingdoms of Immacus: Anything Worth Doing is Hard AF

Kingdoms Logo New.jpg

I wanted to take a break from the standard updates and also change the format in which I deliver information. Gone will be the dated updates, instead they will have a title more relating to the topics discussed in the post. Anyway, the set is done! Well kind of. There is still plenty of tweaking to do with the changes that were made over the course of development, but now all that remains is art and ungodly amounts of play testing. Now the fun stuff…

Dead Laptop

My Macbook pro of almost 5 years finally died last night.
Been working on my card game on my computer at work.
I took the chance to buy an Ipad Pro with the Pencil, which wont be arriving for another 3 weeks unfortunately. Did save $200 on it though.

Dungeon Draw - Available PnP

A 15 minute dungeon delver's micro push-your-luck card game for 2 or more players, ages 7 and up!

Rules | Cards | Cardbacks

Into the Black Pre Release prototype has arrived!

Into the Black CONTENTS - PreRelease Prototype 2.jpg

I just got the pre-release prototype from and dang it's bigger than I expected. I didn't even realize how many components there were!

I have some fixes to make for the printing templates (messed up a few card backs and that bleed needs fixing) and some of the graphics are a bit dark but those are easy fixes.

Kickstarter, here we come!

Want Somebody to collabarate in my Board Game !

Hello Fellow Game Designers,
I am a Free Lance Game designer from India and I have been working on my Board Game for past 8 months and had planned for Kickstarter in March but right now I have been in a Big trouble as my Partner left the Game and joined a Outsourcing company for 3D modelling. I don't know how this happened and I still need to finish my Games Artwork. So, right now am still in the testing phase of the game.

Andrew Smith Inducted Into the TGC Hall of Fame

The Game Crafter - Andrew Smith Inducted Into the TGC Hall of Fame

Andrew was inducted into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame after his game, Honeywars, won the the Gamehole Board Game Challenge 2015 . We’d like to congratulate him on this awesome achievement. You can read our full interview with him here.

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