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New Rugby v.3 kicks off


My distributor in the UK took receipt of their new games earlier than I did!

All due to Customs moving slowy to clear the goods on my end. Nevertheless, I got a good pic from the UK on how the game is laid out!

This has delayed pre-orders going out by a number of days, but rest assured the games are made, finished and sitting on a dock an hour away from me :)

At the starting line...


Here we go games about to land and we start the sales / marketing drive once again!

We have on this occasion done something new by shipping 2000 units direct from factory to our UK distributor...hasn't been that much of a saving as the other 3000 games need to get to me, so splitting shipping still adds up to one large freight bill!

Here's a snap shot of GP Racing

Reprints & new games for Pocket Sports


Ready next week, 5000 sets of Pocket Sports come out of the factory for the first run of the year.

We've got two new games and pre-order prices at 30% off for early birds who want a bargain.

This is better than KickStarter because these bad boys are made and on their way!

Don't leave it hanging though....March 23rd will see the price jump back to full price!!

Call out for REVENGE playtesters

I've managed (in my mind anyway) to put everything down on 5 sheets.

No idea how I will shrink this down at this stage but it's a framework that will be tweaked and changed from feedback from kind souls like you!

The game looks 'full' and some parts I haven't explained in too much detail as they will unfold in later chapters such as the skill tree, Honour etc.

For the purposes of this exercise.....I just want to see if you can get through the first scene...and fight the boss.

Print cards at home?

When I made my first game, I bought a $50 B&W printer and printed rules for Pocket Cricket, folded and stuffed them in the bags.

I then walked around my local town, door to door trying find someone to sell the games.

It worked for a first bumbling entry into the world of game design and I've certainly paid my dues.

Now 5 years on, things sure have changed....

Dice on ice, baby!

Take off eh!

Watch me as I introduce Pocket Sports Hockey and play through a period with Team USA vs Team Canada!

Pocket Sports Cycling - HOW TO PLAY video

This episode I introduce my head and roll through a few stages of Tour Spain with Jorge Gomez!


Just in time for Super Bowl 50

Yes....why not get in the mood and watch me play through a quarter of Pocket Sports Football while I explain America's favourite kind of football in a nasally Australian accent.

Pocket Sports Baseball - HOW TO PLAY video

Apologies for smashing the forum today :)

Another run through video, this time for Pocket Sports Baseball as I go back through the catalogue.

Pocket Sports Rugby v.3 - play through and update

The smell of deep heat and tiger balm will flow through this video and out through your speakers.....

Another recap and more indepth look at gameplay as Pocket Sports Rugby (version 3) has been sent to the factory for production!

I'd love it if you could subscribe to the channel too :)

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