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GP Racing update video

Recently I've been working on a Formula 1 dice/card game. The wordmark 'Formula 1' is trademarked and just about every other variant.

To avoid any unwanted 'clashes' I've choosen to rename the game GP RACING.

This is another design / run through video if anyone is keen to view how I go through the whole process :)


How To Play - Pocket Sports Football (the soccer kind)

Still getting the hang of video editing but if you've got time to kill, watch Argentina take on Brazil in Pocket Sports Football !

Artwork for F1 & Rugby v3 cards


Starting to get to a prototype finished card for two games. Surfing still to do.

I am thinking of an 'out there' idea for cards though....

I want to have some flavour text for the Formula 1 cards with a Team Manager name and Driver name.....I may offer these for purchase when I float pre-orders??

Ie: You can have your name as the Driver on one of the cards for an amount.....similar to some Kickstarter pledges. Just an idea for now but one I'd like to try :) ?

Pocket Sports Basketball - How to play video

Yes my first attempt at a How To Play video.

I'll get better but it does the job :)

Check it

Pocket Sports Formula 1 dice game


Working on artwork for cards and have the four 'base' team cards done.

Still some icon work, tracks and playtesting to do

Pocket Sports design screencast - F1 (vroom, vroom!)

Got a spare 17mins? Of course you do, you've got a whole new year spare :)

Episode 4 of Pocket Sports design screencast is up on Youtube

Check out how I approach designing our Formula 1 dice & card game.

I'd appreciate subscribers to the channel so I can share more design insight and my process behind game development as they happen :)

Pocket Sports design screencast Ep2 - MMA dice game

Yep....time on my hands and a look/discussion about planning an MMA version for Pocket Sports. FYI only 10mins long :)

Pocket Sports Dungeon Crawl? I should probably scratch that first part, but I'll be mimicking the successful dice system over to a pocket sized 1 - 4 player dungeon crawler.

How the heck is that going to work?

I've got the base worked out. It'll be in a similar vein to our other (Pocket Sports) games, but fantasy based, 4 character cards with health/att/def tracks, 4 random creature generator cards (Levels 1-4 difficulty), 6-8 custom dice, instructions & 'quest' map.

Game Design = Just do it


There are only so many posts and questions you can ask before you need to make the leap. Don't let fear or constant references to forums block this only have limited chances.

Don't wait for someone...anyone to say "You've made the perfect game. Release it tomorrow"

Believe it. Make it...and ride the wave afterwards.

**Disclaimer - I've had a few beers. But in any case...this is how I approach any new game design :)**

Pocket Sports Hockey '15 - Dice on Ice


Yes sir......put the Molson on ice, cover yourself in maple syrup and grow a Gretzky mullet.

Pocket Sports Hockey '15 is only a couple of weeks away!

Time for all proud ice hockey fans to put their skates on and purchase a copy before the next season begins :)


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