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Update : Dymino Monsters.

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Dymino Monsters Artwork

I just added my picture of my box of Dymino Monsters Chapter Decks and more.
Yes I know I said I wasn’t going to add any more pictures until January 2019, but I wanted to show everyone what I have accomplished since 1997 of version 1.0 to 2.0. The game isn’t completed yet.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dymino Monsters.

Joined: 04/08/2012
Video update:

About an hour ago I just recorded my first chapter deck Monsters/Creature Prototype cards video on my Dymino Monsters/Horn Gull Kingdom Facebook page for any one who wants to take a look at it. It’s an hour long. I will be showcasing all of my Prototype chapter decks every Saturday evening. This will last up to May 25,2019. This is just for the entire first and second novel franchises for my game, Dymino Monsters.


Joined: 04/08/2012
Brand new update

Brand new Chapter Deck Walkthrough Review for my game Dymino Monsters is now on Facebook @ Dymino Monsters / Horn Gull Kingdom. It’s 1 hour and 3 minutes.

I read through the following Chapter Decks:

Dymino Monsters Strike Force 2nd review due to last Saturday’s live action camera angle mixup.

Dymino Monsters: Elemental Marional Knights

Bonus Chapter Deck Review: Dymino Monsters: Treasures From The Falcon Chapter Deck.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dymino Monsters on Facebook and Instagram!

The rules for my game are 50% complete. I have been working on the rules for Dymino Monsters since 2004. With 4 different ways of playing, there are different rules to work on. I am very proud of myself getting this far in this game world and game progress/production.

Thank you everyone for the awesome support by viewing my game posts.

Bows respectively.
Creator of Dymino Monsters: Jesse

Joined: 04/08/2012
Chapter deck walkthrough review

Last night was the fifth video chapter deck walkthrough review live on Facebook.

I discussed a few new updates for Dymino Monsters:

1: Adding new weapon cards from an old game I started back in 2001 that never went anywhere other than using the weapon booklet for home brew pathfinder games. The list will consist of 1,053 new weapons. The Bolas, Boomerang and Knunchukus will be in the upcoming novel franchise novel sets. This number is not calculated to the weapons already completed in the novel sets.

2: Adding new armor cards (look at number 1). 5,836 armor cards. This number deals with all of the pieces to make the armor for the playable characters in the game. The number for different combinations for all of the sets is 70,032.

3: Dymin Coin cards. Dymin Coin cards are used for buying armor, weapons, birds from Treasures from the Falcon Deck and health gems. I am adding more cards to this deck.

4: Level up Score sheets: All playable character ranking score sheets will have 4 areas to track defeated monster / creature encounters, bosses and generals in the game.

5: The main feature of last night’s live Chapter Deck Walkthrough Review was discussing: Rise of the Titans chapter deck and what it contains. There are 20 Animal based Titans in the game world , except for the last Titan.

6: I have also to add 3 more franchise novel sets. I will be working on the third novel franchise in 2020. I deserve a break from the first 14 years of designing the 2 Novel Franchise sets so far. This was decision was made last night but I was going to start January 2019, until I talked to my brother / co-founder of Twin Eagle Graphics Independent Game Studio (2009) and he suggested to take a break for 1 year to refresh and breathe. Dispite of what I said on last nights live feed video.

Every Saturday night I have been doing a Chapter Deck Walkthrough Review for Dymino Monsters on Facebook Dymino Monsters/Horn Gull Kingdom page. I have enough content of chapter decks to review till May 25,2019. This is why I am pushing the third franchise set to 2020.

So there you have it. The new updates on Dymino Monsters.

Creator of Dymino Monsters:

Dymino Monsters game rules will be uploaded soon. The rules are 50% complete.

Joined: 04/08/2012
Today’s Chapter Deck Walkthrough Review

I posted awhile ago today’s Chapter Deck Walkthrough Review:

All Chapter Decks are in the first novel set franchise of Dymino Monsters:

11: Ghosts of the Desert Plains November 2016

Upcoming Chapter Deck Walkthrough Reviews:

12: Warriors of Osconia October 2,2012 Came from another game I created (1999).

13: Outcasts of Dahanamar 2012 - 2015

Blacksmith deck December 2016

14: Lost Pirates of Ivory Island November 30, 2012

15: Sea of Opsis August 26,2012 - 2015

16: Haha Valley Island June 23,2013

17: Star Dusk Pirates : Voyage of the DoomSetter 2014 - 2016

18: Dead Dreams 2011 - 2015 New Revision in 2016

19: Dygar Empire 2004 - 2016

Chapter decks are in chronological order in the storyline for the first novel franchise

Previous Chapter Deck Walkthrough Reviews:

First Novel Chapter Decks in Chronological order in storyline

1: Dymino Monsters: Toy Master Works / Was mentioned but not recorded. Not complete.

2: Dymino Monsters: Blue Protector Faction 1999-2004 Came from another game I created (1999)

3: Dymino Monsters: Gray Dominators Faction 1999-2012-2018 Came from another game I created (1999)

Dymino Monsters: Dymin Coin Deck Dec 2016

4: Dymino Monsters: Road to Tylune with Monster Weapon Pack Series 1 of 3 2004-2011

5: Dymino Monsters: Strike Force September 4,2007 - 2011

6: Dymino Monsters: Sacred Stars 2007 - 2013

7: Dymino Monsters: Thieves of Alahar June 2011

8: Dymino Monsters: Elemental Marional Knights 2009 - 2014

9: Dymino Monsters: Treasures From The Falcon June 6, 2011

10: Dymino Monsters: Rise of the Titans 2009 - 2016 - 2018

Dymino Monsters: World Weather was not recorded because it’s half completed March 16,2017

Character cards 12 different species with their own unique weapon skill techniques cards has been mention on a few occasions but I will go through every one of them in the last segments when all of the first chapter deck walkthrough reviews are complete.

The second franchise chapter decks will then commence.

Dymino Monsters: The Wicker Tangle Chronicles.
There are only 9 chapter decks but separated in 3 parts for the chronicles.

Creator of Dymino Monsters: Jesse

Joined: 04/08/2012
Brand new update

So last night on Facebook I put up the 14th Chapter Deck Walkthrough Review:

Dymino Monsters: Blacksmith Deck.

There are 5 more full chapter decks to review on video with 2 not completed yet for my first Novel Construction Card Game franchise for Dymino Monsters.

The other two chapter decks that need work is the Toy Master Works Chapter Deck and the Weather Effects Deck.

Then I will start reviewing the second franchise deck: Dymino Monsters: Wicker Tangle Chronicles sets. It includes 10 chapter decks.

Then I will start viewing all of the 12 main playable characters sets.

The 3rd franchise novel set won’t start up till end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020.


Joined: 04/08/2012
Brand new update

Last night on My Dymino Monsters/Horn Gull Kingdom Facebook page I have wrapped up my last Chapter Deck Walkthrough Review for my Prototype Second Novel Construction Card Game Franchise Set.

I started on my Prototype Chapter Deck Walkthrough Review videos at the end of October 2018 for the first novel franchise set that includes 20 chapter deck walkthrough reviews.

The only video reviews left are taking a look through all of the playable character's weapon skill technique sets. There are 12 characters so far that will appear throughout the first Novel Construction Card Game Franchise Set and the second Franchise Set.

More Dymino Monsters game demos coming soon and then at the end of 2019 or even the beginning of 2020, I will be working on my third novel franchise set and ideas for the 4th through 6th franchise for TriiDorium/Dymino Monsters.

Other projects:
1: Get back to writing the novel for Dymino Monsters. I left off from the middle of chapter 6.

Creator of Dymino Monsters:

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