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What's Next?

So, all my files for Heroes & Treasure are at the manufacturer, though I had to change the format on a couple things.

Done! (-ish)

Heroes & Treasure Back of Box

All my files have been uploaded to the manufacturer.

I think everything's in the right formats and sizes.. I'm sure they'll let me know if I missed something.

Mostly delivered PDFs, though my cards for some reason were 50-100MB as PDFs, even if I didn't save with layers, and anyway would've needed the fonts installed, so I saved those as TIFF files and poof, 5MB each.

Total asset size was just under 1GB.

Scribus and making booklets for print

Heroes & Treasure Rule Book Cover

I bought Photoshop and I'm getting reasonably good at doing basic "game" stuff with it (not shopping photos). I got Inkscape and used it to lay out my tokens and cut paths.

But I might be most excited about learning Scribus. This is an open-source "equivalent" of Adobe InDesign, i.e. a layout tool.

Took a few hours a day for a week to get my 24-page campaign doc laid out, most of which was the learning curve. So then I decided to tackle a more complex document, namely my rule book.

Monster descriptions on cards

Heroes & Treasure Troll card

Instead of putting them in the rule book, I have my monsters (and players) described on tarot-sized cards (120x70mm). This provides easy reference during play, plus it's very clean to extend the set of monsters (or players) in expansion packs -- the deck just gets bigger.

I know I've said nice things about GIMP, but I actually bought Photoshop this week and it's indispensable for final layouts before things go to the printer.. (among other things, GIMP only works in RGB, not CMYK). Plus I can trade files easily back and forth with the artist.

Costs of Manufacturing and Fulfilling

I was doing the rough numbers, and I believe that if my Kickstarter ends at $25k, I will have just about exactly enough money to pay for the costs to finish readying the game for manufacturing, manufacturing, freight and customs, and fulfillment for the copies I need to deliver.

Doesn't include the money I spent before the KS, and of course my own time is valued at $0 both before and after.

I think shipping will be around $4500-5000. We'll see if I'm right.

Kickstarter gotchas

I spent quite a lot of time thinking about my rewards and stretch goals and manufacturing and shipping and how everything would work together. I'm confident that even if I'd sold 5000 copies, I wasn't going to add anything that would hurt me.

But it's very easy to hurt yourself with too much success, particularly with stretch goals. I was a backer of this Kickstarter campaign:

Heroes & Treasure Kickstarter is LIVE

Very exciting.

If you'd like to see, it's at:

If you'd like to see it on BGG (and I could use your clicks..) it's at:

Thanks for any support, moral or otherwise!

Kickstarter is live in 24 hours!

I'm putting the KS preview link here, in case anyone would like to read it over for clarity and correctness, or to tell me that one of the graphics is messed up or something. Or if you're just curious after seeing all the other stuff I've been posting in this blog.

Comments are appreciated, but things like the pledge price and total goal are not going to change now.


Oy, this is tough to get your head around. I'm using Quartermaster for my fulfillment, and they have a nice shipping cost chart that makes some unstated assumptions, so I needed to keep bugging them for clarification. Fortunately they're very responsive.

So I can ship to some places (Canada, EU, Australia) "customs friendly" by shipping to a warehouse there, paying the VAT, and then reshipping. What it costs to get a big crate of games to those warehouses is unspecified, but the rest is known.

Domain name redirects

So I think I got all this right.. I have my domain name registered through GoDaddy, and my landing page is at KickoffLabs.

I can create CNAM entries at GoDaddy for custom subdomains, like

to push it over to KickoffLabs, the same way the regular is sent over there (i.e. using a CNAM entry). There's no apparently limit to how many of these I can make.

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