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TradeWorlds: Master File Disaster (or so I call it)!

Well I received from Mike a FILE (.ZIP) which contained a bunch of files and a TON of cards. That was supposed to be the archive with the Master Files to be used to produce the files for the Manufacturer in China (this was 2 weeks ago).

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — 2nd Edition : Designing some cards

Well I just DESIGNED the "First" of six (6) LEGENDARY cards:

Purse of Plenty = Item (Purple), +1 Orange, Stockpile = 2Y + 2O + 2R

I realized one (1) of the cards previously drawn/illustrated was NOT going to be used by this 2nd version. I don't know WHY... It seems like during the sorting, the card was removed from circulation.

And so I decided...

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — 2nd Edition : Player Layout

That's the "Player Layout" for "Quest v2". It's still very much a Work-In-Progress... But I think I'm homing into a layout that is functional and original.

I've use the term "Expend" to indicate that a "Treasury Card" has been used.

I have since corrected the diagram to a more "realistic" representation.

Enjoy the preview... No doubt something MAY change. We'll see!

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — 2nd Edition

Starting from a philosophical viewpoint, I guess the real question is: What do I want the Second (2nd) Edition of "Quest" to be like?!

Contrary to most of today's Collectible Card Games which are ALWAYS about "Battling", "Quest" is a more subtle game.

It's not about A BATTLE, it's about AN ADVENTURE!

Like Magic: the Gathering (Magic) there are colors that define the ORIGINAL Card Game. Familiar colors of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. Both Primary and Secondary colors of the normal color spectrum. Of course even in the original game, each color had a meaning.

Monster Keep — Traps and Chaos gems

As you all know, I have decided to REMOVE the "symbols" off the cardbacks because I felt they were too "intrusive". The good news is that some Actions like "Soul Gaze" (1 AP) and "Bury Dead" (2 AP) can be done at any time.

However the "Traps" which require 2d6s and an 8 or higher to collect loot were still undecided (how would they be handled?!) Well I have good news that I have found a "simple" mechanic to make traps work.

5 Green Cubes are added to the Loot bag.

Monster Keep — *NEW* cardbacks

Monster Keep — Simplified 90% design

Well if you've read one of my earlier threads, the "LOOT" Tactical system has "revealed" a *new* way to handle combat within the game. This new combat system is much, much, much simpler than the one using the Online Calculator such that I can REMOVE both the "Calculator" and the "Scoresheet" from existence. That's right with this new system, those electronic add-ons are no longer necessary.

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — Not just about "Set Collection"

Recently I was "again" inspired by the original "Set Collection" game but wanted more "innovative" mechanics to go along with the basic mechanic present in the original game.

My thoughts turned to "dice" games which invoke a sense of "LUCK". And I pondered on HOW the "Set Collection" mechanic was also luck-based too.

And then I had an interesting thought: what if the "Set Collection" was COMBINED with a "Push-Your-Luck" (PYL) mechanic?!?!

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — The Adventure Starts Anew!

Well it has been quite a while since I have worked on (or blogged) with regards to "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)", the Second (2nd) Edition. Of course the design was "in-the-pipe"... but not really going anywhere.

TradeWorlds: The End of an Era

Well I guess I wanted to post this thread to share with all the other Game Designers about the pitfalls and problems that one may encounter AFTER a successful KS. It was about 2 Years ago, in 2017 when we launched our KS for "TradeWorlds" (at the time it was called "Tradewars — Homeworld").

We got more funds than expected with over 250% the original Funding Goal... We were all happy about the results and the accomplishment. But unfortunately that was 2 years ago...

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