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TradeWorlds: The End of an Era

Well I guess I wanted to post this thread to share with all the other Game Designers about the pitfalls and problems that one may encounter AFTER a successful KS. It was about 2 Years ago, in 2017 when we launched our KS for "TradeWorlds" (at the time it was called "Tradewars — Homeworld").

We got more funds than expected with over 250% the original Funding Goal... We were all happy about the results and the accomplishment. But unfortunately that was 2 years ago...

Monster Keep — Refactoring the Design

Monster Keep — Re-vamping an old design

My latest artist has finished the NEW Logo for "Monster Keep". I love the new logo... I think it looks pretty cool! I think Madison did a wonderful job in bringing to life a "mock-up" that I had designed. Although she has a real busy schedule, I am hoping to sign her for the remainder of the artwork for the game...!

Some format issues:

  1. 15 Card Booster which includes everything (besides 1d6) to play.

  2. 2 Boosters for two-player game play...


SpellMasters — What's New???

I've started re-working on this design, now that I have "unblocked" a few of the problems with the original design. I was stuck... but now have a NEW direction to explore with more ideas that could work with this design...

I've since corrected the image because it had some pixelation...

Combinatorics: And the "Metro-like" CCG

A very long time ago, maybe about five (5) years ago... I played a older game called "Metro" designed in 1997 ( I lost the game, only because I did NOT interfere in one player's configuration... But I was already dealing with two other players and trying to foil their best intentions.

I really didn't LIKE the overall experience of the game. Because had everyone messed with everyone else's configurations, the winner would have been much harder to determine and I probably would have won... Or so I believe!

TradeWorlds: The "Beefy, Little" Box

I just received the latest prototype from Print & Play Games (An AdMagic Company) ... and the box came with a "surprise": a medium sized 8" x 8" box...

This box is slightly smaller than our product (which is 10" x 10") but never the less, once all the components and cards have been placed in the "little" box (I say little because it looks a bit "small-ish" in stature).

But don't be fooled... The box with all the content is VERY "Beefy" (I say that because the box is pretty "heavy" ... more than I expected from 520 cards and some dice + tokens).

Crystal Heroes: The latest News!

Before I go ahead and discuss what the latest news is concerning "Crystal Heroes", I just wanted to describe some of the designs constraints used in previous versions (not released) of this specific game design.

So one of the biggest constraints with the "Crystal Heroes" design was that it featured a small-ish footprint by having a "Micro" Deck. The idea was that the game would use a small deck with only a limited amount of cards and the battles would be relatively quick (maybe 30 to 60 minutes in length).

Quest Adventure Cards(tm): Suspended design

Well for those who have been following the "Second Edition" re-work of "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)", we have run into bit of a problem. Revising the finances available for more game development... and... well we are short when it comes to the "production" of this game.

As such we have decided to "suspend" the design and work on something more "short-term" to try to help with something a little bit less "ambitious"...

Quest Adventure Cards(tm): What's New!

Just for reference, Quest AC v2 has been on and off of design for the better part of six (6) years. Not that I have always been active, I've had ideas surface and did some designing only to figure out "this is NOT the game that I want to design"...

I've really struggled to design an EPIC game for Quest AC v2. I wanted the game to be "challenging" but FUN to play. I've had many ideas for systems and engines for the game.

Monster Keep: Version 10.0

Amazingly, I have made great design development with my "Monster Keep" idea and/or design. I have put together an interesting set of mechanics for the game that are inspired from the original game idea (all the way back to version 1.0).

Now we are on Version 10.0 of the game. That means that I've gone through ten (10) design cycles, trying to improve the game. I finally feel like I am "somewhere" with the design idea.

This "core" product follows the XTG3 licensing and allows for Single Pack Expansions to the "core" set of cards.

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