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The White Elephant "in the room"... (lol)

I've been working on about three (3) different designs ... But I've kind of "toned down the volume" when it comes to "Monster Keep"! I have something novel... but is it novel ENOUGH??? So I decided to put that design "On-Hold" ... Just until my other games get into the market and see how those other "HOT" games do...

Obviously I'm downplaying all my numbers (which is to be expected) and I am favoring "Crystal Heroes" (CH) because it can be played with 2-Players or 4-Players which is why that design is occupying more of my time (because it allows for more players to play that game).

Crystal Heroes — Sneak Peek Preview of Lord Dunken!

Here is a sneak peek into one of the two (2) Lord tiles available in the First Edition of the game:

If you click on the image, you will be brought to a new tab with a higher resolution/size of the artwork.

[quote=questccg]Lord Dunken is the Forsaken Knight of the Human Race of Order...

Archon: Circlet of the Heavens — 2nd Look

Something "loosely" ... I am trying to use my knowledge of a RPS-5 into a bunch of RPS-3 (10 combinations). And on ties, the winning player uses the Point Value instead. The goal is to capture the "Strongest" card in the Deck (5 Points).

This is sort of a "revival" of another game which I call "Archon: Circlet of the Heavens".

Each Micro Deck is composed of 15 cards and in a way, you play the cards in your Deck as you see fit. There can be some Deck Construction but there are clear rules for "customization".

1. There are only five (5) types of cards.

TradeWorlds: Smugglers Run (Re-visiting the design)

This expansion idea is all about "Space Pirates". It's going to use custom clay chips (which are a bit less expensive than ceramic ones) ... And I want to have a Push-Your-Luck (PYL) mechanic as part of the expansion.

I had a concept ... But I want something with MORE "depth".

Originally I had a simple formula: 2x Credits + 5 Credits.

This gave rise to values like: 5, 15, 35, 75, 155 and 315.

But quite frankly ... It's too SHORT. While I kind of like the PYL mechanic, it's just NOT the right one for this expansion.

Some *NEW* ideas:

Crystal Heroes — Re-designed the Rulebook with a BETTER font

I've been struggling with a few of things lately when it comes down to "Crystal Heroes" (CH). One of them was the SIZE of the rulebook. I chose "The Game Crafter" Medium Booklet which is in all fairness a pretty SMALL format for a rulebook. I found the text to be TOO SMALL and overall hard to read.

So I had two (2) choices: either I make a LARGER booklet which would mean re-editing the entire rulebook (all 16 pages) OR I change the FONT which was in essence the reason the TEXT was too HARD to read.

I decided on OPTION #2 (Changing of the font).

SpellMasters — Re-think

While I was under the impression that this design was at 80%... I may need to re-think that a bit. I was planning to write a "book" to complete the amount of "Monsters" available to play against. However I realized that this might be GREAT for the "Players", it's not really great for me! Hmm...

What can I possibly mean? Well I was leaning towards a D&D component like a "Monster Compendium" with over 200+ Monsters to battle. But I realized two (2) things:

1. The Book may be too much for first time players.

Planes of Aria — Introduction of a NEW design

The "working" title of this game was called "Titans" and I had been working with a Swiss Toy Designer a few years ago. Anyways he deleted the forum we had been working on the design of "Titans" and had gone MIA.

I now got some *NEW ideas* for the game after watching a The Dice Tower video from the game Labyrinth. Yeah I'm not at all impressed with that game but it did introduce a "fantastic" mechanic, namely moving of TILES. That's when I got my inspiration...

Monster Keep — The Next Generation

Well I have been working on "Monster Keep" (MK) yet again... Thinking about the game, the deck size, the deck construction, and strategies surrounding these elements in the game.

So my original idea was to feature fifteen (15) monster cards that could be used in a multi-round mathematical contest. The earlier concept made me to make a pyramid of different "paths" allowing more than one path to victory.

Monster Keep — Revisiting an older design

I've had a bit of "free time". Or more so what to do with this "EXTRA" time. I was discussing with @Fhizban different Archon concepts as he too seemed interested in developing an "Archon Board Game". Meanwhile I was exploring a Card Game ... And it didn't have anything SPECIAL. There was really nothing unique with this Card Game...

SpellMasters — Just wrapped up the Monster Micro Deck composition

One of the remaining aspects of the game (and I'll admit that the design is 80% done) was the Monster Battle Decks. Obviously the Monster Compendium is not fully written ... Never-the-less I managed to hash out thirteen different types of "Attacks" and realized that some may "recycle" and others may get "discarded" when their action(s) play out.

What remains to do is COMPLETE the "Monster Compendium" that comes with the game. That BOOK will contain ALL the enemies that you can battle. Of course you can expand the game and "invent" new or "mod" existing Monsters.

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