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Monster Keep: Re-visiting an older design

Finally I can BLOG about the new developments with an older design known as "Monster Keep"!

Just for some future notes, here is a link to a "breakthrough" in the design:

Finalists Announced for The Manhattan Project Challenge!

The Game Crafter - The Manhattan Project Dice Challenge 2017

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that the finalists for The Manhattan Project Challenge have been announced! See the official announcement and the list of finalists at

New Game Parts Available: 11mm & 14mm Wood Cylinders

The Game Crafter - New Board Game Parts Available: 11mm & 14mm Wood Cylinders

Even though they’re presenting a united front, the 10mm cylinders are about to be overrun by the horde of new 11mm and 14mm cylinders invading The Game Crafter parts shop. Check them out now at


Hey everyone,

I wasn't posting often lately due to simple reason. The KS for Warpgate is launching in about 17 hours from now so I was super-busy the last couple of weeks.

If you have a spare moment to take a look at the presentation I would be very grateful.

I'd like to also say thanks to all the BGDF-ers who have helped test various iterations of the game. Your help was invaluable!

Here's the link (the campaign is unlisted at the moment):

Alpha 0.3 - Day 11 of Amateur Golf Tour


Gonna keep this short, 'cuz the daleks are after me. Finally done with the Base game tweaking. Several changes based on playthroughs where we actually tried to exploit the game.

a) Buffed the character styles, while nerfed the skill costs - Because of the new SP/Item Penalty system, We decided to buff the SP generation for the characters. It is also now more important for the organizer to consider their styles when building the holes.

BGDL 35 - Denny Weston: Designing Outdoor Games

Denny Weston, designer of Kingdoms Lawn Game, discusses the ins, outs, and challenges of creating a game meant to be played in the great outdoors.

I'm going to Pax Unplugged! (almost...)

So, I got on the list of Unpub! I didn't know I had to sign up and enter information... so at 10am I was filling out the forms and entering my game all while on the clock at the construction site! haha. 15mins later, 11 spots of 15 were already taken! Whew!

Now here's the tough part: Scraping enough money together to go! I have to buy a plane ticket, get a room, and get a badge! "Why haven't you done that already?" Well, I didn't know I was going to go AND I don't have enough money saved up. Because...

TGC Podcast - Episode 137: Storage and Baggies

The game Crafter - The Game Crafter Official Podcast

Listener requests make a come back in episode 137! JT and Jeff discuss storage solutions within your game. What do they think about inserts? Additional tuck boxes? Just how much love do JT and Jeff have for baggies? Hint: LOTS!

Listen to the podcast at

Oh, we're in it now - Day 9 of Amateur Golf Tour (Yes, a different name)


These following weeks, I face the most exciting and most dreadful part of my journey: Playtesting with strangers.

I started posting on FB about potential playtesters in my area, and the reults are alittle over my expectations. I actually expected a few likes, but no one actually being interested. But Just minutes after posting, I got a slew of responses from people interested and excited to play my game. It's very exhilarating to see, but also terrifying.

Balsa Wood

Balsa Wood

Balsa Wood - Sheets

Balsa sheets are sometimes called balsa wood sheets, balsa wood panels, balsa wood skins, and balsa single ply. We weigh our balsa sheets so if you need a specific density we should be able to produce it for you. Balsa can vary between 3# (foam weight) - 40# (oak weight) for pounds per cubic foot (lbs/cuft) but the most common densities are 8-16 pounds per cubic foot. Balsa sheets are used for rc airplanes, sewing, decorations, laser projects, breakaway props, models, bridges, towers, laminates, ultra light balsa airplanes, surf boards, and for cutting kit parts.

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