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Board Game name Change Help

BGDF, long time no chat. Hope you are all well. I will be running our 2nd print run this year, but before I do I am thinking about a name change from:

Holiday Fever: A Family Tradition
Christmas Spirit: A Family Tradition

I have about 6 professional reviews online, and a "Rules School" tutorial done by Gameboy Geek all under the title "Holiday Fever" which I would need to have updated. I also have 9 reviews on BGG.

-Would I be able to update the BGG page, and keep the current reviews?
-Does anyone have any experience with a name Change after 3 years on the market?

Monster Keep: Fresh & New ideas for this DESIGN!

Way back when I was a younger man, "Monster Keep" (MK) had the principle that players would CHOOSE the "Operators" (think Math) and compute formulas. However this idea went by the wayside when I figured that the player should CHOOSE the "operands" instead (again different Math)!

Today while pondering on some of the other dilemmas ... I found myself THINKING why not ALSO choose a Monster's REACH. Let me explain.

Rulebook 1.1: in 1776


I have been trying to play a war strategy game with my dad for a while now. Part of it is because he likes them (a long time SPI and Avalon Hill devotee) but also because I wanted to to do more research for my American Revolution game.

Crystal Heroes: More playtesting of the NEW Tactical Layer

Over the holidays, I have been playtesting the NEW and improved Tactical Layer. It features the use of Pawns (one per player) and moving around the Grid that is made from the Game Tiles in play. What makes this new Tactical Layer "work" is a Lord/Lady Resource Sequence that must be collected. This sequence is unique to each Lord/Lady and obviously means that NINE (9) Resources need to be collected to win the game.

Some early conclusions to report:

1. My first game with this new Tactical Layer was won in the 9th Round of play.

Uncertain Shades


A while back, I had posed a question about using different shades of card backs to indicate risk for a game. seen on this thread:

I've actually followed through with testing and refining it, and am so excited to say it is both the simplest and most fun game I think I have made yet.

The setup is easy: give a starting hand of three specific cards to each player, and shuffle the remaining of the 104 card deck in the center.

Each turn players

[Early concepts] Brave the Book / Blade in the Book - In-hand book(mark) games

Turn any big book into a small solo dungeon-delving game.
This bookmark is being held captive by monsters in the book! Rescue it by defeating the monsters with your (s)words.

PnP File (2.5" x 8.5" Standard Bookmark)

Crystal Heroes: a Peek into the Future!

If you ever wanted a "Crystal Ball" to look into the FUTURE... Look no further! This is a preview of one of the nine (9) Houses (and Booster Packs) for "Crystal Heroes" (CH). I didn't want to reveal the first two (2) sets because that would be unfortunate ...

Open Ended Adventure Puzzle

The game I'm working on has and exploration/adventure component, and I'm toying with the idea of including some more open-ended puzzles like the one below. So, rather than doing a standard skill check between two options (e.g., Sleeping Gods), the idea is to offer enough information for players to solve the puzzle, have them think it through and discuss their solution, and then read the script to see how closely they came to the full solution. Why consider doing it this way, you may wonder?

Crystal Heroes: Cardback Preview (WIP)

Hello all,

I wanted to share with you all this PREVIEW of the "Crystal Heroes" (CH) cardback for the game. This is very much a Work-In-Progress (WIP), there are still some final touches to improve visibility once printed (some elements in the picture get lost due to color filtering).

New Prototype: Freight Forwarding Game

I design games and interactive activities for use at my day job. I teach people industry-specific material on an introductory level, so that when they apply for a job in the field, they'll have at least a basic understanding of the industry they're entering.

It's always a challenge to develop a game for our typical audience. The vast majority of them - likely 98% - are not hobby game players and haven't played anything more complex than a hardcore game of Sorry! or Uno.

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