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8 New Styles of 16mm D6 Dice Available

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - New 16mm D6 Dice Available

The Game Crafter has added 8 new types of 16mm D6 dice to our board game parts shop!

Trash Coliseum Update 3 The Audience Track

The Bored side of the Audience!

One of the interesting mechanics I created to prevent the game from getting too slow, or without action happening is the Audience Track Mechanic.
Sometimes in matches with 2-3 players, its tough to land adjacent or next to someone in order to battle them for the first few rounds. So what happens if people aren't fighting each other to death?


Trash Coliseum Update 2

Trash Gladiators

Its been a while since I updated about this game of mine. Honestly the year didn't go too well for me to be able to work on it much. Anyway, I want to start this year with me posting more and sharing more of my stuff! Being active with you guys and share my quirky games to y'all

To start I'm just showing some of the concept art for the final roster of playable characters. At some point they were around 15 Characters but I felt that making 8 really solid characters was better. But maybe in the future if the game is good it could have extra new characters.

Colonist Game Pieces

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Colonist Figures

The Game Crafter now has Colonist figures! They're incredibly detailed and come in a set of 5 colors.

Taj Mahal Palace Game Pieces

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Taj Mahal Palaces

We've added these new Taj Mahal Palace board game pieces to our online parts shop. They come in sets of 5 colors and are available now.

Norse Mythology Game Pieces

The Game Crafter - Game Pieces - Norse Mythology Sprues

The Norse mythology is full of awesome creatures. With the release of the Norse Mythology Sprue you now have access to all the powerful giants, dragons and trolls as well as the stout norse humans. 3 different colors available.

See all 3 colors at

Greek Mythology Board Game Pieces!

The Game Crafter - Greek Mythology Board Game Pieces in The Game Crafter online parts shop

Greek mythology board game pieces! From hydra, to minotaur to Medusa herself, this sprue has them all. It comes in 2 different colors and will add all kinds of awesome creatures to your games.

Get them in our game parts shop at:

New Fancy 12mm Marbled Dice at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - We now have Fancy 12mm D6 Marbled Dice

The Game Crafter now sells some fancy 12mm marbled dice! Add them to the print on demand games we make or buy them separately in any quantity. See them all at:

BIG NEWS: The Small Stout Box is finally here! (70pt chipboard box that's custom printed on demand)

The Game Crafter - Small Stout Box

BIG NEWS: The Small Stout Box is finally here! This extremely rigid box is made of 70pt chipboard, is custom printed on all sides, and will even withstand a full grown man standing on it! It measures 3.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches and will hold 266 poker sized cards.

Check out the product page for the Small Stout Box at

Hook Box Challenge Semi Finalists

The Game Crafter - Hook Box Challenge

There are 129 entries in the Hook Box Challenge! We're glad so many people were inspired by this contest and now it's time to vote on the games you like. TGC community members can vote now at

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