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G.I. Joe — Hand of Fate: New start with an amazing concept

So I have been working, here-and-there, on a NEW "design" which could potentially have like up to 8-Players in a game or perhaps more where the only real barrier is the TIME taken to PLAY the game. Right now the goal is 60 minutes or 1 hour.

And I have to admit, I'm fairly excited about this game also!

Using offline Deck-Construction, each player builds his deck of 15 Units and 3 Structures for a total of 18 cards per Deck.

November 25 2022 Dymino Monsters Update

I've been working on the following:

Dymino Monsters: Rise of the Titans and Birth Reign Second Era Titans Encyclopedia the last several days.

The Encyclopedia has a Part 1 and Part 2 which includes just as the title reads.

Both parts has a table of contents, and introduction (not written yet) the names for each encounter and notes.

I am still working on the Piotr Angioms' backstory.

All 11,000 prototype index cards are finally written for the entire game.

I'm still working on the chapter deck stories, novels, production manuscripts.

Crystal Heroes: Fine-tuning and Development of the game

While I waste more time waiting for the DESIGN to "crystalize" (pun intended!) I find that I am developing the game further such that some aspects of the game are no longer "remote" or "esoteric" areas of the design.

One of those "areas" was the Ex-P Crystals. There had been an issue about these specific Crystals because they can be used with Actions to make some POWERFUL decisions impacting your turn a bit.

Oct. 31 2022 Dymino Monsters Update

I am currently at 4 playable characters weapon skill technique sets left to complete. I just finished the fifth one out of the eleven sets this early morning at 5:53 am.

Once I'm complete all of the card sets, I will give my thank yous and thought process on the response I have generously received from you all about my future in game design.

Thank you for taking the time to read my updated blog.


My future in game design

After I complete Dymino Monsters a game if been working on for 18 1/2 years and 33 other board , card and dexterity games in the the 24 years of my life, I think deep down in my heart it will probably be the last game I'll ever develop. So, 34 games will be my limit. I was striving to develop/ design create what have you, up to 100 games, but I'm okay with 34 games in my portfolio. I will be, hopefully figure out how to get these games self publish one day.

I'm just letting you all know.

Dymino Monsters Update October 15 2022

Dymino Monsters Update:

Early yesterday morning I worked on Armarius' weapon skill technique cards.

I have edited the set from 82 cards to 71 cards.

Armarius uses the Boomerang as his main weapon of choice. As with all of the characters they can use other offense and defense weapons through out their travels in TriiDorium.

Armarius is primarily a close combat defense technician and long range technician due to using the Boomerang.

September 29, 2022 Dymino Monsters Update


Its so weird writing the date that way.

Dymino Monsters Update:

Jera Davis one of many stories has been completed this morning.

Piotr Angiom backstory is next and the last backstory to write for the 24 playable characters.


September 28, 2022 Dymino Monsters Update

The last 2 character backstories is a pain to write.
The characters are not talking to me. I know somewhat who these 2 chararacters are but the backstory, Woolf.

I don't know yet. How they will react. Maybe I'm pushing to hard as a writer to come up with their character voice.

Maybe I've been trying to hard to write these two backstories intertwined and not as a single backstory so they can intertwined and interact with each other.

Oh, I see, it's like juggling to find a solution to pivot from one character backstory to the other.

Laser Bounce Mint Tin

laser bounce mint tin.jpg

I've produced 5 mint tin versions of Laser Bounce in preparation for the upcoming PAX Australia where it will be part of Collaboratory: a playtesting space for unpublished designs.

I printed the labels on 160gsm paper (which is about as thick as my printer can handle) and superglued them onto the mint tin, which worked quite well. With just the right amount of glue it didn't seep through the paper and sticks firmly.

New Card Game - Crab Tactics

NOTE: I've since updated this game with a different theme, and have moved development discussion to a different entry.

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