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Heroes and Treasure

Well, I haven't ever tried to blog anything before, but hopefully I'll be able to post something useful here. I'll start with a game intro.

Heroes and Treasure is an FRPG/Boardgame mix aimed at young kids and their parents, who play asymmetrically. To borrow D&D terms, the kids are the players and the parent is the DM.

New miniatures available - Balefire Demon, Iron Golem, and Hydra

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Balefire Demon, Iron Golem, and Hydra

New miniatures available! This time we've added a Balefire Demon, Iron Golem and Hydra to The Game Crafter parts shop. Come see our ever growing collection of detailed miniatures at

New Game Pieces Available - Dragon Familiar

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Dragon Familiar

What self respecting wizard doesn’t have a dragon familiar. Get yours in The Game Crafter shop today and be sure to check back often as we’ll be releasing more and more metal minifigs in the coming days.

Quest Adventure Cards(tm): What's New!

Just for reference, Quest AC v2 has been on and off of design for the better part of six (6) years. Not that I have always been active, I've had ideas surface and did some designing only to figure out "this is NOT the game that I want to design"...

I've really struggled to design an EPIC game for Quest AC v2. I wanted the game to be "challenging" but FUN to play. I've had many ideas for systems and engines for the game.

Experience with a design challenge at The Game Crafter

In this blog post, Joe talks about working on a game called Maid In Sherwood that he entered into The Game Crafter’s Hidden Movement Game Design Contest. He includes a brief summary of the game, talks about findings during the design/testing process, and then shares some general takeaways from the contest itself.

Read the full post at:

Hastings 1066 on Kickstarter

My game "Hastings 1066" launches and defines the "Break the Line" series of simple, 30 minute games. It's on Kickstarter now.

I actually started this game in 2006 and completed it in 2009. Sometimes it takes a long time to get something published.

There's a designer's notes video on my YouTube Channel.

Crafter Con 2017 - JT Smith: Component Studio Unleashed

The Game Crafter - Crafter Con & Protospiel Madison 2017 - Become a better game designer

JT Smith is the creator of The Game Crafter and the designer of The Captain is Dead.

In this recorded session from Crafter Con 2017, you'll learn how to get the most out of Component Studio from the guy who invented it. :)

This is a recording of a live session at Crafter Con 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin. If you'd like to learn more about Crafter Con visit

ICYMI - Game Pieces Only Challenge

ICYMI - Eric Jome, the host of Midwest Tabletop Game Design and Protospiel Milwaukee, presents the Game Pieces Only Challenge.

Let’s get back to our game design roots and design a game without any fancy printing. Design a game using only bits.

The game should consist only of bits available through The Game Crafter parts store. This means the only printables would be a rulebook and a box; no cards, mats, tiles, stickers, or boards are to be used. Use of paper and pencil is strongly discouraged.

New game pieces available - Mega Monuments

The Game Crafter - New Game Pieces: Mega Monuments

New game pieces in our shop! Check out these awesome new wooden Mega Monuments. They come in red and blue and are available right now at

New game parts available - 15mm wood cylinders

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - 15mm wood cylinders

New game pieces available! The Game Crafter now has 15mm Cylinders. With these new additions, we now offer 4 different size of cylinders to add to your games. Get them at

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