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First look into Osprey's 'In Her Majesty's Name'

We received an advanced copy of the new Steampunk skirmish game from Osprey entitled "In Her Majesty's Name". I managed to skim over it during work.

Not having money/knowledge left my game in the dust.

So, Wolsung has been out. The system is interesting.
Empire of the Dead came out. Lame rules but close to my asthetic.
Dystopian Legions came out and I'm rather flustered now. Seems like they just altered the dice mechanic I first made for my game.
Osprey is releasing In Her Majesty's Name and now I'm furious.

First one to the patent house is the real deal. Everyone else are just copiers.

AV begins to take shape.

Played a game of AV with Brian. It looks like the dice negation mechanic is the way to go. We had really crappy rolls but even still, we managed to deal 1-2 damage. The system was really flexible. Cover and abilites altered to-hit, then defense and abilities negated dice.

3 "Luck" coins per player. Coins refresh every round. 6 rounds. When model dies, owner gets 1 permanent coin added to the pool. Only the active model can use coins. All coin abilities can only be used once per model, per activation.
1 coin = +1 die when attacking
1 coin = +2 def if attacked
3 coin = regain 1hp

Another AV playtest with unsure results

Played another game of AV with Brian using the flat armor saves. Simple formula: Roll X or higher, defender rolls dice equal to successes and has to roll Y or lower. It was alright. Really hard to save considering most characters had saves of 2 or 3. Nearly all damage getting through.

Second thoughts on the new system

Played AV with Brian today with the "new" system suggested by bgdf and bgg. The verdict: Booooooring. It works, I'll give it that. But hitting 9+ or 10+ was tedious. Sure, you'd get a hit or two, but most of the time it was complete misses. You felt like you were accomplishing nothing. No one wants that. It wasn't engaging. I was bored and I'm the damn creator!

First Official Playtest

My buddy Terry played a full game of AV with me on Monday. 7 models vs 7 models. The points I gave them (balancing) was 56 to 42 in his favor. The 1 game only took about an hour which I think is GREAT considering he's never played my game before.

• We played scenario #2 but never even touched the objectives!
• A lot of my objectives are similar to Malifaux, which I don't want.
• Do I make a minimum distance to travel when charging? (Charge is 2 actions: Move 1.5 normal speed and attack)
• Charging gives 1 extra die to attack. Keep it?

Possibly the Final Card Revision before cleanup.

Card Design 5

Out of the "Dual Card" images spawned THIS image.

Complete revamp of card in 300dpi to allow for proper printing.
Card size adjusted to 2.5"x3.5".
The middle bar is now an actual "bar" or plate (whoever you look at it).
With the bar change, the Cogometers (health bar) can be placed together.
The Cost symbol is currently a coin... or some semblance of one....

Let me know what you think.

The Newest AV Card. version 4b

Duel Card.png

Here's card version 4b.

Added some cosmetic frills such as connecting the grids.
Changed font for nameplate.
All icons are leaning the same direction now.
I've gone with the 2 Cogmometers to the right and also gave them a glassy look. (HP)
I've put medals on the portrait of the character. (Denotes rank)
Medals are also above the weapons grid where I originally wanted them.
I had a lot of space in the middle so I added a small line break to put abilities (by name only) a character might have.

The AV Card Creation Process Continues

Card Design 4a

So I took BubbleChuck's idea and ran with it.

I've HASTILY worked on an unfinished copy in my own stylings. As much as I LOVE his card, I want the gritty, dull, browned colors I've been working with. It doesn't look half as good as his but again, this was hastily put together in the morning with no sleep.

The sword has been replaced with a fist.
The hat is now leaning the same direction as everything else.

Newest Card Design (3)

Card Design 3

Here's the latest card design based off of the second card.

Tell me what you think.

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